Easy Houseplant – Bowstring Hemp

Bowstring hemp is also known by other common names such as the scary “viper’s bowstring hemp” or “snake plant”, the unflattering “mother-in-laws-tongue”, or just its genus name of sansevieria (said as “san-se-Veer-ee-ah) which I prefer.  They seldom flower indoors, being grown instead for their modernistic and upright leaves, low care, and tolerance to low light. Sansevierias prefer warm temperatures, and […]

The Most Impressive Flora and Fauna You can Find In Europe

When travelling in Europe, people don’t often think of the impressive flora and fauna that you can find there, but in fact is home to some of the most fascinating species in the world. If you’re set to travel to Europe, on the lookout for some of this impressive flora and fauna, it is important to renew your EHIC so […]

Best Botanical Gardens In Europe To Visit

  The summer has finally arrived and now is the time to start organizing lovely relaxing weekends away in Europe. If you an avid nature lover then you will want to spend your summer surrounded by some o the most exquisite gardens Europe has to offer. Botanical gardens in Europe are some of the most tranquil and relaxing places, perfect […]

Privacy Policy – Backyardgardener, LLC

For each visitor to our Web page, our Web server automatically recognizes no information regarding the domain or e-mail address. We collect the e-mail addressesof those who have posted messages to our bulletin board, no information on consumers who browse our Web page. The information we collect is: With respect to cookies: We use cookies to ensure that visitors are […]