Grow to Order Heirloom Tomatoes

Grow to Order Heirloom Tomatoes

If you didn’t find the exact tomatoes you were looking for on our 600 Heirloom Tomato Plants, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find
over 150 other varieties that we’re happy to get started for you.

Basically, if you’d like one (or more) of these, you’ll need to purchase
the appropriate number of Grown-to-Order Tomatoes from our store.

(Indeterminate, 75 days) — like a large cherry, vigorous; sweet full
flavored fruit with gold sparkles on red
ANNA RUSSIAN (Indeterminate, 75 days)
— pink Oxheart with sweet and juicy six to twelve ounce fruit; good
yield for Oxheart
AUNT GINNY’S PURPLE (Indeterminate, 80
days) — sweet, complex flavor like a Brandywine with more fruit
75-80 days) — tiny beefsteak shape, from Aunt Ruby’s
BEEFMASTER (Indeterminate, 80 days) —
solid meaty flavorful fruit to two pounds
BETTERBOY (Indeterminate, 82 days) —
mild and juicy, with good color, texture and leaf cover
BIG BEEF (Indeterminate, 73 days) —
rich flavor, with globe shape and great yeild
BIG ZEBRA (Indeterminate, 85 days) —
Sport of Copia; a cross of Green Zebra; green inside with pink flames
BISIGNANO NO. 2 (Indeterminate, 75-85
days) — large fruit with thick and rich flesh, true Italian flavor
BLACK (Indeterminate, 85 days) — very
sweet, dark red salad fruit; two to three inches
BLACK BEAUTY (Indeterminate, 70-75 days)
— selected from Black Prince with redder color and great flavor
BLACK RUSSIAN (Indeterminate, 75 days)
— small and beautiful, round purple-black fruit
BLACK SEA MAN (Determinate, 75 days)
— medium fruit with rich flavor; potato leaf; produces early in cool
BREAK O’DAY (Indeterminate, 75 days)
— productive 1931 variety, with flame red beautiful globes
75 days) — small cherry that produces hundreds of half inch fruit
BROWN BERRY (Indeterminate, 75-80 days)
— the first true brown cherry with sweet, juicy fruit; big producer
BURBANK RED SLICING (Determinate, 70-80
days) — good producer in heat with high amino acids
CABERNET (Indeterminate, 75 days) —
greenhouse type but great out doors; beautiful fruit, up to nine ounces;
rich, sweet flavor
CARBON (Indeterminate, 80 days) — the
darkest of blacks with beautiful smooth flat shape and taste; less
CARNIVAL (Determinate, 70 days) — sister
to Celebrity, but shorter and bushier
CARO RICH (Indeterminate, 80 days) —
medium size beefsteak with beautiful deep color; low acid
CELEBRITY (Determinate, 70 days) — great
main-season; everyone loves it!
CHADWICK (Indeterminate, 80-90 days)
— one of our favorites, keeps producing until December; firm, lovely
red fruit
CHAMPION (Indeterminate, 70 days) —
best for sandwiches, with high yields of sweet fruit; excellent!
CHRISTMAS GRAPES (Indeterminate, 75 days)
— highly productive with large clusters of sweet one inch fruits
CLASSICA (Determinate, 76 days) — great
producer; superb taste, appearance and less blossom-end rot
COPIA (Indeterminate, 85 days) — one
pound yellow gold fruit with fine red stripes; juicy and sweet
CREAM SAUSAGE (Determinate, 80 days)
— productive bush with sweet flavor, perfect for salsa or sauce
CUOR DI BUE (Indeterminate, 80 days)
— Italian oxheart, with twelve ounce fruit; enjoyed fresh or as sauce,
can be coastal
70 days) — beautiful light yellow tiny currant
64 days) — fruity wildness of currants with solid tomato taste; good
balance sweet and acid flavors
CURRANT, WHITE (Indeterminate, 75-80
days) — large clusters of creamy white fruit, very sweet
70-75 days) — prolific orange-yellow fruit with strong flavor; three
inch, three to four ounce fruit
DELICIOUS (Indeterminate, 77 days) —
huge, with solid meat and excellent flavor
DELICIOUS YELLOW (Indeterminate, 80 days)
— full flavor when nights remain cool; Brandywine-size, golden orange
DIXIE GOLDEN GIANT (Indeterminate, 85
days) — sweet huge beefsteak, one of best tasting and producing yellow
80 days) — Chicago Fair Prize since 1929, great flavor
DOUBLE RICH (Indeterminate, 65-70 days)
— blight and wilt resistant, with more vitamin C than an orange;
grows anywhere
DR. LYLE (Indeterminate, 80 days) —
one to two pound fruits with rich flavor and heavy leaf cover; high
DRUZBA (Indeterminate, 80 days) — heavy-producing
Bulgarian, with four inch smooth red fruit and good balanced flavor
EARL OF EDGECOMBE (Indeterminate, 73
days) — large yields of orange fruit with complex taste; good in
cool climates; from New Zealand
EARLY CASCADE (Indeterminate, 55 days)
— matures early, with heavy yields, abundant clusters and medium
size fruit; delicious
EARLY GIRL (Indeterminate, 65 days) —
for many this is the only tomato they grow
ENCHANTMENT (Indeterminate, 65-70 days)
— easy, early favorite
FANTASTIC (Indeterminate, 85 days) —
three to five inch slicer with meaty, bright red fruit; taste winner!
FIRST LADY (Indeterminate, 65 days) —
like Early Girl, with great color and flavor; truss/cluster harvest
GARDEN PEACH (Indeterminate, 85 days)
— lovely saladette, light yellow fruit with a faint blush and slight
bloom like a peach
GERMAN PINK (Indeterminate, 78 days)
— deep pink beefsteak with excellent sweet; meaty, with few seeds
and twelve ounce fruit
GERMAN QUEEN (Indeterminate, 80 days)
— great flavor; Heirloom beefsteak; one pound fruit and potato leaf
GIANT SYRIAN (Indeterminate, 80 days)
— one pound, deep pink to red fruit; meaty with few seeds
GIANT VALENTINE (Indeterminate, 73 days)
— great hit; beautiful large paste shape with great flavor and production
GLACIER (Determinate, 58 days) — similar
to Stupice; great in cool climates, late season and coastal; potato
GOLD MEDAL YELLOW (Indeterminate, 90
days) — beautiful, big and tasty with red and yellow streaks
GOLD NUGGET (Determinate, 60 days) —
first to ripen; loaded with rich, sweet and vigorous one inch fruit
until frost
GOLDEN GIRL (Determinate, 69 days) —
large yields of sweet and tangy, medium sized eight ounce fruits;
disease resistant
GOLDEN MONARCH (Indeterminate, 80 days)
— bright yellow, rich, tangy flavor, productive
GOLDEN PINEAPPLE (Indeterminate, 80 days)
— two ounce sweet yellow fruit with pink streaks
GOLDIE (Indeterminate, 85-90 days) —
big, vigorous flat globes with good mild flavor; 150 years old
GRAPE (Indeterminate, 55 days) — everyone’s
favorite oval red cherry; productive and vigorous
GREEN MOLDOVAN (Indeterminate, 80 days)
— ten ounce beefsteak with bright lime-green flesh and tropical
GREEN PINEAPPLE (Indeterminate, 80 days)
— small beefsteak with a fruity aroma
GREEN SAUSAGE (Determinate, 74-80 days)
— colored like the Green Zebra, with a sweet and rich flavor
GREENWICH (Indeterminate, 75 days) —
six ounce fruit with green flesh and great flavor; productive
HALLEY 3155 VFF (Determinate, 75 days)
— long time California production variety; high yield and quality!
HILLBILLY (Indeterminate, 85 days) —
huge, sweet fruit; different pattern of streaking
85 days) — great yields of sweet juicy one pound slicer
HOWARD GERMAN (Indeterminate, 80 days)
— one of the greatest tasting tomatoes
HUGH’S (Indeterminate, 90 days) — huge
pale yellow beefsteak with pink blush; great for the late tomatoes
ITALIAN GOLD (Determinate, 75 days) —
a must have; great producer of beautiful, flavorful and early fruit
ITALIAN HEIRLOOM (Indeterminate, 70-80
days) — heavy crops with great flavor; easy to peel; enjoy fresh
or for canning
IVORY EGG (Indeterminate, 80 days) —
plum-type with sweet fruit; productive; for salad, salsa or sauce
85 days) — beautiful color with blush when ripe; a favorite
JETSETTER (Indeterminate, 64 days) —
strong plants with high yields of eight ounce fruit; rich flavor
JULIET (Indeterminate, 60 days) — big
sister to Santa; holds well on the vine
KENTUCKY BEEFSTEAK (Indeterminate, 115
days) — huge one to two pound late orange fruit
KORALIK CHERRY (Indeterminate, 68 days)
— early maturity, great taste and huge production– one inch bright
red fruit that ripen evenly
LEGEND (Determinate, 68 days) — very
early fruit with a great taste; disease-resistant, good in any weather
LEMON BOY (Indeterminate, 72 days) —
sweet fruit; vigorous plant
LOLLIPOP (Indeterminate, 79 days) —
sweet creamy yellow with clusters of six to ten fruits; productive
under many conditions
LONG TOM (Indeterminate, 80 days) —
wonderful big sausage, especially for salads
MANITOBA (Determinate, 66 days) — tangy
slicer; ripens in short summers; heavy yields of three to four inch
crimson fruit
MARIANNA’S PEACE (Indeterminate, 80 days)
— large, full-flavored and productive; potato leaf
MARIZOL PURPLE (Indeterminate, 75-80
days) — great sweet flavor, with dark-pink fruit; from Germany in
the late 1800s; great yields
MARTIAN GIANT (Indeterminate, 90-100
days) — Seeds of Change original beefsteak, with sixteen ounce dark
red fruit
MARTINO’S ROMA (Determinate, 70-75 days)
— meaty and production two to three ounce fruit; best for sauce
MARVEL STRIPED (Indeterminate, 90-100
days) — ribbed and sweet fruit; beautiful, juicy with few seeds;
from the Zapotec
MATINA (Determinate, 75 days) — good
in cool weather, with apple shaped four to six ounce fruit; full flavored,
MATT’S WILD CHERRY (Indeterminate, 60
days) — small deep red, round and tender fruit with a smooth texture;
loads of sweet, full flavors
MEXICO (Indeterminate, 80 days) — huge
dark pink fruit with big continuous production
MOONGLOW (Indeterminate, 80 days) —
meaty and solid bright orange fruit with wonderful flavor
MOSKVICH (Indeterminate, 60 days) —
extra early fruit; rich taste; cold tolerant, ideal for coastal climates
NYAGOUS (Indeterminate, 80 days) — clusters
of baseball-size fruit; productive with a great flavor
ODORIKO (Indeterminate, 76 days) — favorite,
a strong plants filled with beautiful fruit
OMAR’S LEBANESE (Indeterminate, 80 days)
— juicy pink beefsteak fruit with exceptional flavor; over one pound
OPALKA (Indeterminate, 85 days) — good
yielding three to five inch fruit; fresh or as sauce; from Poland
to NY in 1900
ORANGE RUSSIAN (Indeterminate, 117 days)
— sweet, fruity and meaty; first bi-color oxheart with eight ounce
ORANGE STRAWBERRY (Indeterminate, 80
days) — strawberry-shaped oxheart-type fruit; up to one pound
OREGON SPRING (Determinate, 75-80 days)
— four inch oval tomatoes; great in early cool weather
PEARSON (Indeterminate, 70-80 days) — the great California tomato
of the 1950s is back; good in heat; all-purpose.
PERON SPRAYLESS (Indeterminate, 70 days)
— flavorful three to four inch fruit, with hardy vines; main cropper;
salad type
PINK PONDEROSA (Indeterminate, 80 days)
— easy to grow for slicing and canning; good production in heat
PURPLE BRANDY (Indeterminate, 85 days)
— very dark fruit that has great flavor, with potato leaf
PURPLE CALABASH (Indeterminate, 75 days)
— small, intense fruit that’s highly ribbed; green to purple; salads
and salsa
PURPLE RUSSIAN (Indeterminate, 80 days)
— productive Ukranian with large plum six ounce fruit
RED ROBIN (Determinate, 55 days) — small
fuzzy plants with masses of fruit; good for containers
RED ZEBRA (Indeterminate, 75-80 days)
— productive salad tomato, with sweet two inch fruit, red with gold
stripes; very productive
REIF RED HEART (Indeterminate, 80 days)
— Oxheart; not a huge yielding plant, but superb flavor
ROCKY (Indeterminate, 75 days) — huge,
meaty five inch fuit with full flavor; fresh and as sauce
ROMA (Determinate, 80 days) — standard
paste tomato
ROSE DE BERNE (Indeterminate, 75 days)
— beautiful salad size fruit; vigorous and with wonderful flavor
ROYAL CHICO (Determinate, 70 days) —
great old time Roma with lots of tomatoes; disease resistant
RUBY GOLD (Indeterminate, 90 days) —
beautiful and hard to find; good in the heat
RUSSIAN PERSIMMON (Indeterminate, 75
days) — like a small beefsteak; a wonderful tomato
SAUSALITO COCKTAIL (Determinate, 68 days)
— full flavor, bright red color, bold and slightly acidic fruit
80 days) — hollow stuffing tomatoes; four inch red fruit with stripes
SHADY LADY (Determinate, 75-85 days)
— great in southern and coastal California; round, medium fruit with
excellent flavor
SNOW WHITE (Indeterminate, 75 days) —
pale cream in color with wonderful flavor
SOCHULAK (Indeterminate, 70 days) —
heavy early yields of oblate pink fruit; meaty texture; best flavor
of any paste tomato
SOLDACKI (Indeterminate, 70-75 days)
— pink-red Polish heirloom, with large flat sweet globes; potato
SOUTHERN NIGHTS (Indeterminate, 80 days)
— Old Russian; flat three inch fruit; good in warm climates
STOKES GREEN (Indeterminate, 80 days)
— medium large smooth and bright green fruit with great taste; heavy
STUMP OF THE WORLD (Indeterminate, 80
days) — Brandywine flavor, but smaller, with more yield
SUGAR SNACK (Indeterminate, 65 days)
— high yield with heavy foliage; sunburn resistant; requested every
SUGARY (Indeterminate, 60 days) — very
sweet reddish-pink oval fruit; good clusters and generally high yield
SUNGOLD (Indeterminate, 60 days) — tomato
SUNSUGAR (Indeterminate, 62 days) —
superb flavor and productivity; very sweet, crack resistant and yet
thin skinned fruit
SWEET 100 (Indeterminate, 65 days) —
the classic of the red cherries
SWEET MILLION (Indeterminate, 65 days)
— a little smaller, very prolific and less likely to crack; great
SWEETIE (Indeterminate, 70 days) — small,
bright red fruit with multiple branched clusters
TANGERINE (Indeterminate, 83 days) —
deep orange fruit with rich flavor; heavy producer
TAPPY’S FINEST (Indeterminate, 77 days)
— large pink-red fruit from West Virginia; all uses, even great juice
TAXI (Determinate, 65-70 days) — great
for early short seasons or cool weather; heavy yields and low acid
75 days) — early season, large red fruit with superb flavor; disease
& wilt resistant; fresh or canned
TIGER-LIKE (Indeterminate, 75 days) —
beautiful fruit with gold stripe over red; great in salads
TOMANDE VFFNT (Indeterminate, 68 days)
— beautiful, ribbed six ounce fruit; heavy yields, great flavor and
easy to grow
TUSCANY (Determinate, 75 days) — multi-purpose
tomato; great for salad, salsa and sauce
VALENCIA (Indeterminate, 76 days) —
meaty orange fruit with a great flavor; very productive
VIVA ITALIA (Determinate, 80 days) —
higher sugar fruit; better in heat than Roma
WAPSIPINICON PEACH (Indeterminate, 80
days) — heavy producer with two to four inch peach fruit; from Iowa
80 days) — purple-pink, with one pound fruit; even in Montana!
WHITE TOMESOL (Indeterminate, 80 days)
— fragrant, sweet and rich fruit with high yields of eight ounce
smooth beefsteaks
WINS ALL (Indeterminate, 80 days) —
medium yield large pink slightly flat fruit, with few seeds and great
WISCONSIN 55 (Indeterminate, 78 days)
— high yielding smooth red fruit; from the 1940s; said to grow anywhere!
YELLOW PERFECTION (Indeterminate, 70-75
days) — juicy, thin-skinned round salad tomato; great for coastal
YELLOW RUFFLED (Indeterminate, 85-90
days) — pleated fruit; good producer; great stuffer
ZAPOTEC PLEATED (Indeterminate, 80-85
days) — Oaxaca; large pink ruffled fruit with wonderful flavor

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