How To Maintain The Trees In Your Backyard

How To Maintain The Trees In Your Backyard

If you have a backyard in your home, consider yourself lucky. An outdoor space, like a yard, can be designed to suit the activities that you and your family love to do. You can build a treehouse on it, add a deck or patio, or an outdoor kitchen and dining area. A backyard can be a venue for small gatherings, a space to play sports with your kids, or a private sanctuary for relaxation. 

There are different ways to spruce up your home’s backyard. But, regardless of how you plan to use it, one of the ways you can amplify the beauty of your backyard is by planting trees around it. There are several benefits to having trees in your backyard, such as:

  • Natural shade: Trees, especially the ones with large branches, help save money by providing natural shade as opposed to building a pergola or other roofing structures.
  • Additional privacy: Adding trees to your backyard makes the space more private, similar to installing a regular fence.
  • Fresh produce: Growing fruit trees may be more tedious, but it proves to be worthwhile once you start harvesting from your backyard.
  • Value and appeal: Landscaping with the right trees will make your property look more inviting, thereby increasing the value of your home.
  • Good for the environment: It is a known fact that trees help reduce pollution in the atmosphere. Thus, you are creating a healthier environment for you and the community by installing several trees in your backyard.

Tips In Maintaining The Trees In Your Backyard

Now that you know why it is beneficial to grow trees in your backyard, the next thing that you need to do is understand the proper ways to maintain them. A tree service Arlington employs knowledgeable and skilled professionals to assist you in different facets of tree maintenance. Although various kinds of trees may require different caring techniques, these tips will help keep your trees healthy over the years:

  1. Keep in mind that each tree is different

Before you are tempted to ask your neighbors how they manage the upkeep of their trees, keep in mind that the ones in your backyard may be of different varieties from theirs. Practice due diligence and find out the types of trees that you have and what kind of maintenance they need to keep them healthy.

Magnolia trees, for example, are very low-maintenance; they will adapt to different types of soil. A cottonwood tree, on the other hand, although aesthetically pleasing, has soft roots and brittle wood. These characteristics make it unstable during severe weather conditions. A eucalyptus tree requires plenty of maintenance since it grows very fast.

Prevention is always better than cure. Different tree varieties have their vulnerabilities to diseases. Understanding the weaknesses of the trees in your backyard will help you in maintaining them properly. A tree service company can help protect and take care of your trees more effectively.

  1. Fertilizer And Water

Trees require soil with enough nutrients to make them thrive. Fertilizer provides the necessary nutrients for proper growth. However, you can also harm the tree when you fertilize the soil too often. Again, it is crucial to research how frequently the trees should be fertilized since too little or too much can be dangerous to their health.

Young and newly-planted trees need about 25 gallons of water every week. It is crucial to monitor the amount of water that the young trees receive for the first several months. Mature trees, on the other hand, may not need as much water. However, older trees can die because of drought, so make sure to water them at least once a month. Mulching helps keep the soil moist, and will also prevent weeds from growing around your trees.

  1. Pruning and Removal

Regular pruning removes the parts of the tree (rotting branches, new shoots at the base) that can adversely affect its growth. Aside from using the right type of tools for pruning, they must also be sanitized to prevent any disease from spreading. Light pruning can be performed at any time.

Should any of the trees in your backyard become diseased or is starting to die, it can pass on the infection to other trees and plants. A professional tree feller should remove trees that are showing more than 50% damage or infestation.


The best way to keep your backyard trees healthy is to invest in their proper care and maintenance. It is also crucial to choose the right type of trees for your backyard since the type of soil and weather has a significant impact on their growth. You should reach out to a professional tree service provider to assist you in taking care of your trees and keep them in good condition for many years to come.

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