6 Must-Have Tools For Your Home Garden

Gardening is fun, but it can be an overwhelming task to do. This is most especially the case if you do not have the best gardening tools. By having these, the idea of gardening can be easier and more productive. Not only can they help you save time, but they can also make the entire process fun.

Keep in mind, however, that you do not have to have all the important gardening tools right away. You need to focus first on the most basic ones. And as you accumulate time and money, you can start investing in other gardening tools.

For now, here are the must-have garden tools to keep in mind.

1. Clearing garden tools

If you are a fan of Star Trek, you can easily say that these clearing garden tools look like Klingon weapons. But believe it or not, they are among the most versatile tools for gardening. They designed specifically for trimming stems and shoots, as well as severing roots and cutting vines, among others. You do not have to spend a fortune to get them, as there are stores that can provide you with the best offer.

2. Digging shovel

If you really want to take your gardening to a whole new level, you must invest in a digging shovel. It is even more indispensable if you have plans to plant anything larger than your first. Digging shovels have gone a long way in terms of ergonomics. As much as possible, go for a digging shovel with a D-shape handle. It gives you more comfort in terms of handling. Plus, its functionality becomes more enhanced, especially since you can get a much better grip on the handle.

 3. Edging shape

This one right here can be your best friend. And much like the digging shovel, the edging shape is a handy tool to have around your garden. The idea is to use it to edge your garden, scrape soil, or even cut roots, just to name a few. Even more so, the tool can be used in general planting. Do not forget to buy an edging shape that comes with a D-shape handle. You do not have to be an expert like an employment discrimination attorney in order to see the significance of having this tool around your home garden.

 4. Loppers

When setting up a garden, you will undergo a lot of cutting. It could be cutting the branches to a size similar to your fingers. And when it comes to this type of work, loppers are very much needed. Not only do they offer larger blades, but they are also more leverage when compared to the usual pruners. Most modern loppers these days are equipped with a certain gear technology that allows an increase in leverage, giving you more cutting power than the standard ones. 

5. Pruners

Of course, when you have loppers, it is impossible not to have pruners. And despite their size, they can be of huge help in your home garden. They are pretty much helpful in deadheading flowers and/or cutting pliable stems. Even those small woody twigs can easily be cut using pruners. Pruners like the bypass ones are considered a good general-purpose garden tool, especially if you plan to trip a lot of stems. 

6. Pruning saw

Like pruners, pruning saw is also a general-purpose garden tool. Unlike in the past, this tool nowadays is better enhanced and improved with features. For instance, some come with a “fold-up” technology, so you can easily store them for safety. More importantly, this technology allows you to safely store them even in the smallest of storage. With its razor-tooth blade, there is no doubt it can cut through woody stems even if they have the size of an arm.

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    Don’t forget protective gear like gloves and knee pads as well! It’s easy to get overly focused on the tools themselves and forget about how not fun it is to have sore knees and dirty hands with thorns in them.

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