What Chainsaw is Needed in the Garden

Cutting firewood, plowing, pruning trees in the garden … there are many uses for a chainsaw for an individual.

How much power is needed? What energy? What comfort and safety equipment could facilitate your use?

It is essential to keep the right criteria in mind before buying your chainsaw. This applies the most when it comes to buying the best chainsaw to use in the garden.

Chainsaws for the Garden

In the garden, you will most likely have an electrical outlet nearby, an electric chainsaw may be the right choice. STIHL electric chainsaws are light, efficient, non-polluting and silent. However, other chainsaws can do a perfect job as well.

In the forest or in a large garden, a thermal chainsaw will give you the freedom of movement and the power you will need.

For large gardens, battery powered chainsaws are ideal. They offer the advantages of electric chainsaws (light, non-polluting, silent and just as efficient) with wireless mobility.

The level of performance (power, cubic capacity, etc.) depends on the tasks you wish to perform with your chainsaw.

Be careful, a long chainsaw bar is impressive but is not always the ideal choice for your work.

The length of the bar of your chainsaw must therefore correspond:

  • To the application / use area.
  • The engine power.

A bar with a length of 30cm will be sufficient for most applications in the garden: cutting the branches of a tree, doing small jobs, wood carving.

The best Chainsaws For Garden Use

Faced with thermal chainsaws, electric chainsaws are the main solution. They have the advantage of being wired or wireless. Each of these sub-categories being more or less practical and powerful for garden use.

In addition to the wired / battery duel, electric chainsaws have other characteristics that must be taken into account when making your choice. This comparison presents some of the best chainsaws of electric models, each one different from the others.

Makita UC3041A

A professional quality electric chainsaw at an affordable price.  The first model is signed by a brand renowned for producing high-end devices. Makita is indeed a company aimed at demanding DIY enthusiasts. However, with the UC3041A, the brand is refocusing on the essentials. The device is wired, and opts for a blade of 30 centimeters. In other words, it is an inexpensive electric chainsaw, designed for garden and occasional use. The UC3041A displays good handling with its 4.6 kg, average noise (around 101 decibels) as well as simplified maintenance. For small DIY enthusiasts, this is a one of the best chainsaws available in the market.

Teccpo TACS01G: the 2400W

The engine and its power are a criterion that must be taken into account. Always expressed in watts, this power is what is used by the chainsaw and it does indicate what the chainsaw was designed for. Here, with the TACS01G from Teccpo, you will get an electric chainsaw at low cost for 2400 W that powers a 15 Ah battery. The Oregon chain of the chainsaw achieves 15 m / s, has a weight of 4.8 kg and has an automatic oiler. An interesting price-power ratio.

McCulloch CSE2040S

Like many other dangerous tools, an electric chainsaw should be handled with care. All models have different elements offering great safety, such as the chain brake activation handle. However, some devices, like the CSE2040S from MacCulloch, go further. It is a wired electric chainsaw with 40 cm bar and a motor of 2000 W. The device also includes a technology that reduces the risk of tool kickback.

Ryobi OCS1830: the High-end Wireless Electric Chainsaw

The wireless versions of electric chainsaws are also entitled be considered high-end. The Ryobi OCS1830 opts for an 18 V ONE + lithium battery. This meets the needs of a chainsaw with a blade bar of 30 cm. This model is therefore fully aimed at people with occasional needs such as garden work, but not wishing to depend on a power outlet. In addition, the OCS1830 has a brushless motor without coals. With its large torque, it becomes synonymous with longevity and power.

Bosch AKE 35 S

If one thing is certain with this brand, it is that quality is very often an appointment. This small Bosch electric chainsaw of just 4 kg has a power of 1,800 watts, allowing you to perform precise and fast cutting work with great simplicity. Its maintenance is also very easy and not very restrictive thanks to a simplified chain change and a large oil tank. Finally, it proves to be particularly robust to shocks or demanding activities, which reassured the most daring DIY enthusiasts.

Black & Decker GKC3630L20: mobility with the cordless electric chainsaw

We cannot talk about the best chainsaws without mentioning Black & Decker. If Black & Decker’s tools have an excellent reputation, it is not for nothing. The American company offers here a quality cordless chainsaw that will suit all needs, whether for beginners or experienced users. Besides the fact that it is wireless, its handling is simple and quick, and the power offered by 36 V lithium battery is rather remarkable. Its maintenance is simplified and the only downside for this Black & Decker electric chainsaw: its oil tank remains a bit small compared to the competition

Black & Decker CS2245-QS

Logically, a 30 cm blade is not intended for the widest cuts. With the Black & Decker CS2245-QS electric chainsaw, you can expect a 45 cm blade. This time, it becomes possible to cut the strongest trunks. This is all the more true since this device is accompanied by a 2,200 W motor. Safe to use, its chain brake is activated in 0.15 seconds, guaranteeing what there is more important in a chainsaw: safety. This is for people who have gardens set in the woods.

Einhell GH-EC 2040

The last chainsaw in our best chainsaws list is for those who do not want to invest too much money without sacrificing quality. This inexpensive electric chainsaw from Einhell represents what the company stands for. Offering nearly 2,000 watts of power and a weight of 6.9 kg, it performs a wide variety of missions without difficulty. Its maintenance is relatively simple and its oil tank is more than practical. Even if its durability sometimes raises questions, it remains nevertheless of good quality.

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