Garden Planning – What you need to know

Garden Planning - What you need to know

Whether you are planting the grounds of a new home or improving the garden of an established home, start with a plan. Your garden can express you the same as oils on a canvas express the artist.

There are no rigid rules in garden planning but you’ll get more satisfaction from your effort if you keep these points in mind when planning:

  1. Don’t cut up the lawn with flower beds. Flowers serve gardens better in a separate flower garden or in attractive beds bordering, the lawn.
  2. Plant tall growing flowers to the back, middle size flowers in the center, low growing flowers in the front. Then you and your friends can enjoy them all.
  3. Mass your colors in clumps for maximum color contrast.
  4. Keep mature height and breadth of trees and shrubs in mind when you plant them so they will not interfere with buildings and walks later.
  5. Grade away from your building to take care of excess moisture run-off. Usually 1/8 to 1/4-inch drop to the foot is ample.

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