BARTONIA (Mentzelia) (Blazing-star), Annual Flower Information

BARTONIA  (Mentzelia) (Blazing-star), Annual Flower Information

BARTONIA (Mentzelia) (Blazing-star)

(Named for Dr. Barton, American botanist)

Were it not for the straggling growth, Barlonia aurea (Menlzelia lindleyi) would be a much more popular annual. The glistening, Poppy-like flowers are golden and are furnished with countless stamens at the center. The petals have an abrupt, sharp point. The flowers are fragrant at night. The foliage is gray, hairy, and deeply lobed and sometimes appears almost like compound leaves. The plants grow 1 to 4 feet tall.

Where to Plant. Bartonias are adapted to hot, dry places. In a rockery, its poor habit would not have as great significance as in a border.

GENERAL. Sow the seeds where they are to grow in May, as they do not bear transplanting.

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