Eupatorium – White Snakeroot, Thoroughwort, Hemp Agrimony, Joe-Pye Weed, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

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Eupatorium – White Snakeroot, Thoroughwort,
Hemp Agrimony, Mist-Flower, Joe-Pye Weed

How often we are tempted
to praise the beauties of some foreign flower while
our excellent native ones pass by with little attention.
There are many sorts of Eupatoriums and most of them
can be found growing wild in our own country. The hardy
Ageratum or Mist, Flower (Eupatorium or Conoclinium
has myriads of small, fluffy, azure-blue
flowers which are in bloom during August and September.
The plant reaches a height of 2 feet. The White Snakeroot
(E. urlicaefolium or ageraloides) has
pure white flowers and grows from 4 feet to 5 feet tall,
while the Boneset or Thoroughwort (E. per foliaium),
which also has white flowers, only grows 9, feet
or 3 feet tall. The leaves of this sort are in pairs,
united at the base about the stem. The Joe-Pye Weed
(E. purpureum) is very tall, growing from 4 feet
to 10 feet and has large, purple, showy heads of flowers.
The leaves are in whorls. Most of them bloom in late
Summer or early Autumn with an average height of 3 feet
to 5 feet.

UTILIZE. The Joe-Pye Weed
is found in wet meadows or along streams and will naturalize
easily along woodland streams, or moist places in parks.
The tllist-Flower and the White Snakeroot are excellent
for cutting purposes. All Eupatoriums are good in borders
with the taller ones in the background, or to naturalize
in woodlands. Some of them are excellent to use with

GENERAL. They are of easiest
culture, growing in almost any soil, although a rather
light, well drained soil and a sunny position will produce
large plants with numerous blooms. The Joe-Pye Weed,
however, requires a moist situation. These plants increase
in profusion of flowers and size of trusses when transplanted
from the wild.

PROPAGATION. They are propagated
from seeds or by division of the clumps.

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