Plant care for CYNOGLOSSUM Houndstongue, Annual Flower Information

Plant care for CYNOGLOSSUM Houndstongue, Annual Flower Information

CYNOGLOSSUM Houndstongue

(From Greek cuon-dog; glossa-tongue, refers to papillae on seeds, which gives the texture of a tongue)

Recently a lovely blue Forget-me-not-like flower has been introduced to our gardens known as Cynoglossum amabile and cataloged as the Chinese Forget-me-not. It may be described as a columnar Forget-me-not, growing 2 feet tall, with long sprays of deep, clear blue flowers produced for a rather short season in early Summer.

Some authors list this as a variety of C. furcalum, a perennial sort from the Himalayas.

Where to Plant. It makes a splendid blue border plant, and is a rather good cut flower. Some florists have advised forcing it in the greenhouse.

GENERAL. Seed may be sown indoors in March for early bloom and in April in the garden. Cover the seeds about 1/4 inch. When the plants are in their permanent beds they may stand 6 inches apart. This species shows a tendency toward being biennial, at least the plants live over Winter. The seed often self-sows and the plants may become too plentiful unless controlled. The seeds are in the nature of “sticktites.” One writer says, “Beware of the seeds; I find them indoors, in my car and everywhere because my dog acts as a carrier.”

They thrive in full sun or partial shade.

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