Plant care for Godetia Satin flower, Annual Flower Information

Plant care for Godetia   Satin flower, Annual Flower Information

GODETIA Satin flower

(Named for C. H. Godet, Swiss botanist)

Closely related to the Evening primroses, the Godetias are deserving of greater attention. The flowers open wide and are of a satiny texture. Varieties may be had in rose and white, scarlet, dark crimson and pure white. Usually a deeper color is found near the center of the flower, as if painted upon the petals.

Two species are common: Godetia amoena, known as Farewell-to spring, grows 1 to 2 feet tall; the flowers are arranged up and down along the stems, and resemble in their double form those of the double Clarkia, but the unopened buds are erect, not drooping, and the stems are erect, not lax. G. grandiflora, the Whitney Godetia, the more popular species, grows only 6 to 12 inches tall, the flowers being in a compact mass, and 3 to 4 inches in diameter. They bloom from June to October.

USE. Godetias are always attractive in the garden and noticeable because of the interesting texture of the flowers. They are adapted to the cooler climates only. They may be grown in pots.

GENERAL. Sowing the seeds in a frame or sunny window will hasten the blooming time. The plants succeed in poor soil and sandy spots; in fact, it is said that they produce leaves instead of flowers when planted in rich soil.

They will also grow in partial shade. Let the plants stand at least a foot apart, for if too crowded they grow leggy, and are weakened. They self-sow in the warmer climates.

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