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Cactus, Hardy
– Opuntia, Echinocactus

The Cacti,
as everyone knows, are plants with thick, fleshy stems
covered with spines, for usually there are no leaves.
The Opuntias, which arc perhaps the most common ones
grown in the northern states, have large and flat branches.
They have many colored spines and exquisite flowers.
The spines are black, brown, purple, yellow or straw
colored and white, while the flowers are pale pink and
yellow. The Comanche Cactus (0. Camanchica) has
large yellow flowers and purple fruit. The Hedgehog
Cactus (Echinocactus Simpsonii) is very small
and grows into a globe with pale pink flowers. Other
hardy Optunias are 0, vulgaris, 0. phaeacantha, 0.
polyacantha, 0. arenaria
and 0. Rafiaesquii.

The hardy Cacti are used mostly in the rock gardens,
although many of them are used in the borders and in
dry, rocky places.

Cacti require a light, open and porous soil, containing
lots of leafmold, loam and sand. There should also be
enough lime present to keep the soil from souring. They
need water in the Summer but not during the Winter.
Plant them in full sun.

They are propagated by seeds and cuttings taken from
the ofd wood rather than the soft stems.


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