Hesperis – Dames rocket, Damask-violet, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

Hesperis -  Dames rocket, Damask-violet,  Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

Sweet Rocket is one of our most fragrant flowers which grows almost wild, as it has escaped from the gardens. Hesperis matronalis has white, flesh, or lavender-colored flowers which grow in large clusters. The plants are about 3 feet high and are bushy. All of the flowers are very sweet-scented and this is especially noticed in the evening. They bloom from June through September.

How to use Dames Rocket in your garden

They are used in the border where they bloom earlier than Phlox, which they somewhat resemble. The flowers are used for cutting. The Magenta colored sorts are trying to combine with other flowers so that the white variety is the one to grow.

Where to plant Damask violet

They thrive in either sun or partial shade in any good garden soil. Closely related to the Cabbage, they are sometimes affected with the Cabbage worm, in which case, they should be sprayed with arsenate of lead.


They are grown from seeds and readily self-sow.

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    Jenny Pilling

    These are highly invasive in Wisconsin and should not be planted at all but eradicated because they displace native wildlife and cost the tax payers for cleanup.

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