Have You Thought About Gardening With Your Kids?

Have You Thought About Gardening With Your Kids?

Kids can benefit from gardening as a pastime just as much as adults. The tricky part is to get them involved in such a rewarding activity. Not only will they get to spend more time out in the open, but they will also develop a passion that might last a lifetime. For parents who want to plant the seed of love for gardening in their children, here is a short guide.

Don’t overwhelm them; keep it small

Children are known for their short attention span, which is why you shouldn’t engage them, from the get-go, in some gargantuan project that could take months. Instead, start with something small, and if you don’t have any ideas on how to do that, you can always purchase a gardening kit for children.

Remember other small projects you’ve got your children involved up until now. Maybe you helped them pick some hamster hideouts for the pet’s cage in the past. That’s a good starting point to get your creative juices flowing.

Just remember to have patience. Kids are curious and naturally so, but too much information can make them feel overwhelmed. Also, it is essential to pick something that can yield results as soon as possible. This way, you will create the right motivation for them to continue.

Learn about the things that make them excited

To create passion and motivation in your children, you should know a bit more about them and what kind of plants would make them excited. For instance, you can go for plants that grow fast and can be harvested multiple times, such as spinach and lettuce.

If your kids are the type who appreciates a good discovery, go for root vegetables. They will be so happy when you pull a carrot out of the soil, and they know that they are the ones who planted it there. Also, don’t ignore flowers, either. They are beautiful, and they are bound to make a long-lasting impression on your children.

Equipment matters

While gardening is a fun activity, a good idea to make your kids as involved as you in it is to make it clear that it is also something that can yield results and is more than just fun. That is why, to give your children a sense of purpose, take them along with you when you pick the supplies.

A watering can in bright colors may just steal your kids’ hearts away. Also, a shovel tiny enough so that they can use is another type of supply that you will see your children begging for. As long as you keep them involved in the entire process, they will feel that they are a part of it, and that’s all that matters.

Get them to do the bed digging

You can find a lot of information today about the importance of playing with soil for children’s health. It appears that digging into the dirt, while it may seem like the surest way to get from pristine clothes to an entire outfit made of mud, is actually ideal for boosting your kids’ immune system.

Also, having your kids spend hours in the sun every day will act as a natural antidepressant. It appears that such activities can have a positive impact in the long run, and kids with better sun exposure in their childhood years are managing stress easier than others as they grow up.

Other advantages include fewer allergies and overall better health, and all are reasons for you to convince your kids to do the bed digging. Teach them how to remove rocks, roots, and other objects from the soil so that it’s prepared for new plants.

This is another excellent opportunity for teaching your kids about nature. The sign of healthy soil is the presence of worms. Tell your kids that they don’t have to be afraid of these little critters and that they are actually beneficial for the plants.

Have them enjoy the fruits of their hard work

The best reward for your kids after they helped you with gardening is to have them experience the results of their work. Help them pick the vegetables they planted and cared for and then cook them. That will be one meal that your kids will enjoy eating, without making a fuss.

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