How to Plan and Plant a Garden for Kids

7 Basic Gardening Tips For Newbies

If you’re looking for a fun bonding activity for you and your kids, you may want to consider planting a garden together. No matter the ages of your little ones, everyone can get involved in gardening.

Most kids love playing in the dirt already, so why not put this to good use and grow something beautiful? As another added benefit, it’ll get you both outdoors and enjoying the fresh air. Will address how you can plan and plant a garden that’s suitable for kids.

Decide what type of garden you want

Think about which gardens are kid-friendly, and what your kids will enjoy growing the most. Do you want to stick with pretty flowers, or plant some fruits and veggies like strawberries, cherry tomatoes, and beans? The kids may really enjoy being able to grow and eat their own food. A rainbow garden is also one that kids might be enthusiastic about.

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Map out your garden

Once you’ve decided what you want to plant, you need to determine where everything is going to go and always consider how big the plants will look in 20 years.  Get creative and plan out a fun design and color scheme together. That being said, it’s not only about aesthetics. Certain plants need to be spread out from others, and some will crawl and grow upwards. Do your research on your chosen plants so you’re well prepared.

Also, if your garden has a source of running water like a tap, try and place your garden nearby it. This will be beneficial in the long run when it comes to watering the plants.

One big mistake in planning a garden is understanding your garden hardiness zone.  All plants live within a certain temperature range.  If you buy a plant for Zone 8, but you live in a Zone 4 area, that plant will die.  Look at the hardiness zone for your area and buy your plants wisely.

Buy your plants

Shopping for the plants is great fun. When you head to your nursery or hardware store plant section, there are two main options. You can buy seeds and start from scratch, or you can pick up little pots that are already growing and plant them in the ground.

Plant your garden

Now, it’s time for everyone to get their hands dirty and connect with the earth. However, before you put anything into the ground, make sure the soil is prepped and adequate for what you’ll be planting.  Also, make sure your soil can drain.  Dig a hole and fill it up with water.  If the water is gone in two days, you’re good to go.

Use the map you created earlier and line out all of the plants and packets of seeds on the soil. This way, everyone knows what goes where and the kids are involved in the process. Then, get planting!

Add some metallic detailing

Lastly, you can spruce up the garden while you’re waiting for things to grow. Use some metal or aluminum garden edging to define the garden beds and outline paths. For safety, make sure the edging has rolled tops.

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