Effective Ways To Avoid Dampness In Your Garden

If you happen to be struggling with dampness in your garden shed then it is a serious problem that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Some handy tips could help get rid of the condensation however if the problem is proving to be relentless then you will need to know when to resolve the damp through Kenwood. Condensation is quite often the most easily fixed type of damp which can be resolved cheaply and quickly, without the need of professional help. However, if you have noticed it has begun to spread then it may be time to get some extra help.

If you are planning any garden shed maintenance then you will need to think about condensation especially if you live in the UK, as the weather can be particularly cold and wet throughout the year. The types of garden sheds that are at risk are those with metal or vinyl-clad-based materials, but for solely practical purposes any type of material that traps moisture and keeps it contained without a clear avenue of escape could suffer from dampness. If you happen to have condensation in your shed, it should be treated like any other damp problem in an enclosed area, as over time the damage inside your shed could cause more harmful including mold and bacteria which can then severely affect your health, and it is something that shouldn’t be ignored.

Increase Ventilation

Simply increasing the airflow in your garden shed could help improve your problem. This could be as simple as opening windows in your garden shed or for those who have windows that lock partly open, leaving them like this the majority of the time. In a recent survey those who were suffering from condensation problems simply left windows open more regularly and their problems showed signs of improving in a few days. If the problem is proving persistent consider getting air vents, including air bricks, air vents, roof ventilation, or even window vents for the top of windows on your shed or garage. If you tend to spend a lot of time in your garden shed then it may be worth thinking about investing in a dehumidifier for short-term purposes. Dehumidifiers are perfect for taking all of the extra moisture out of the air.

Heating & Insulation 

Your damp problem will be significantly improved if you have heating in your garage or shed, but only if you leave it on constantly at a lower heat. If you have cold spots on walls or ceilings this draws in more dampness and condensation, to improve this better insulation is the answer. Another way to improve insulation is by shifting the shed from its base momentarily if you can, then placing a wooden raised platform on the base which will act as drainage and it will prevent surface water from seeping upwards as well as creating airflow. Just ensure to use the wooden platform as a last resort and if you do make sure it is strong and sturdy. If your damp problem is growing it is crucial to seek help.

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