Garden Plan, Three-Seasons Plan

Garden, Three-Seasons

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With the proper selection of perennials, you
can enjoy color and beauty beginning in spring
and continuing all summer long, right up to the
first killing frosts of fall. For the longest
possible perennial display, we have created this
ideal Three-Seasons Garden with a blending of
nine varieties of easy-to-grow perennials. While
the garden illustrated occupies a 5′ x 15′ area,
these same perennials can be arranged to fill
any 75 sq. ft. area with color and beauty.

In this Three-Seasons Garden, Astilbe, Delphinium
and Achillea start the show in late spring; Pink
Coneflowers, Little Miss Muffet Daisies and Clustered
Bellflowers take over during the summer months;
Jacob Cline Monarda, Cloth of Gold and Lemon Fluff
carry color into fall.

Garden contains 27 plants, 3 of each variety.

A) Delphinium, Belladonna

B) Monarda, Jacob

C) Coneflower, Pink

D) Cloth of Gold

E) Astilbe, Peach

F) Lemon Fluff

G) Daisy, Little
Miss Muffet

H) Bellflower, Clustered

I) Achillea ‘The

This collection includes:
A Delphinium,
(3), 36-48″ spires are covered with
light blue 2-3″ double florets.

B Monarda, Jacob Cline (3), Mint-scented
foliage and extra-large deep red flowers make this
variety a bold accent for a border – or butterfly
or herb garden .

C Pink Coneflower (3), Drought-resistant,
long-lasting daisylike blooms are bright purple-pink
with contrasting maroon centers .

D Cloth of Gold (3), .

E Peach Blossom Astilbe (3),
Masses of salmon pink florets create spectacular
plumes of color.

F Lemon Fluff (3), .

G Little Miss Muffet Daisy (3),
These dainty white and yellow blooms are a favorite
perennial of American gardeners.

H Bellflower, Clustered (3),
Funnel-shaped, 1″ violet-blue blooms appear all
I Achillea ‘The Pearl’ (3), This
hardy plant produces neat 24-36″ mounds of white
blooms from late spring through summer.


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