How to Beat the Summer Heat  

How to Beat the Summer Heat   

This time of year is great – the sun is out, it is acceptable to BBQ every night, cocktails outside with your friends, outdoor swimming, beer gardens with your boyfriend…. And the list goes on..!

The summer heat is great but we also have to make sure that we are keeping cool. From inside our home to outside in our garden.

Let’s talk about….. BedTime

Keeping cool at night is one of the trickiest things when the house is warm – you are sweaty and feeling sticky, so make bedtime more enjoyable by making sure you get some lightweight bed sheets – cotton, satin, silk, or polyester sheets are great keeping cooler.

Let’s talk about….. Fans

Using fans or air conditioners are one of the simplest and quickest ways to lower the temperature in a room.

If your house tends to heat up quick, how about investing in a ceiling fan.

There are these brilliant little inventions which are small, battery operated fans that are attached to the top of a spray bottle. This enables you to squirt water into the moving fan and lightly mist yourself.

Let’s talk about….. Paddling Pools

A paddling pool is a fun way for everyone to cool down on summer days. It is a great idea to position it in the shade to keep the water at a nice temperature.

If you don’t have plenty of space why not get a small paddling pool – perfect to splash your toes about and cool off during hot summer days.

Let’s talk about….. The Garden

Create a shady spot – during the hottest part of the day it is wise to stay in the shade, so use a parasol or gazebo to create a lovely sheltered area where you can enjoy eating or relaxing whilst being tucked away from the UV rays. Overhanging parasols offer great flexibility.

Fire up the BBQ – when you are cooking in the kitchen, using your oven generates heat so take the cooking outside. Who doesn’t love the smell of BBQ.

Build outdoor structures – eating al fresco is one benefit of summer that you can’t ignore or take for granted. Installing an arbour or pergola in your garden – it will also double up as a shady spot in the garden. It will also be a great statement piece in the garden. You can even encourage climbing plants to grow around the structure.

Plan a Garden Party – who doesn’t like a summer party? It is a great time to get family and friends around, kicking back and lounging around outside, with a drink in hand.

Right now that you are able to beat the summer heat, let’s get the BBQ fired up, the neighbours around and the cocktails flowing.

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