A bunch of Deadhead Flowers

Most of us, male and female, know what it is like to be overdue for a haircut. One day you wake up and your hair is going in all kinds of new directions. Old cowlicks return like bad checks, curls straggle over earlobes or shoulders. Waves are in the wrong places, and creating the usual arrangement, which is as automatic […]

Hill side gardening, How to build

Hill Side Gardening Dealing with steep slopes can be one of the hardest tasks when it comes to garden design. Mowing a lawn on a slope can be treacherous, and plant borders a real nightmare to weed. The Challenge The original garden had no terracing and the slope of the lawn was proving too difficult to maintain. When the client […]


It is both irritating and encouraging to have a string of rainy days during the busiest season of the gardening year. Irritating because there is so much to do outside, and so little time to get all the planting, weeding, mulching and other chores done. Encouraging because the rain is needed, and, frankly, so is the respite. I like to […]

Aquilegia ( Dragonfly Columbine Hybrids )

Dragonfly Hybrids are strong stemmed with leaves that are 3-ternate that grow from 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches long. They also have terminal flowers up to 3 inches across and spurs to 4 inches long. Columbine is a clumping perennial found in meadows, woodlands and mountainous regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Leaves are finely divided, ternate, bluish-green, divided into leaflets […]