Plant care for Flowering Flax, Annual Flower Information

LINUM Flowering Flax (From linon, flax) There are several annual Flaxes, including Linum grandiflorum (coccineum), the Scarlet Flax, about a foot tall, with wide-open, glossy flowers, and L. usilatissimum, the Flax of commerce which bears blue flowers, and grows 3 feet tall. Where to Plant. The Flax is truly beautiful and forms clumps in the border where the glowing flowers […]

Linum – Perennial Flax, Golden Flax, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

Linum – Perennial Flax, Golden Flax Flax is a lovely, airy plant with flowers of yellow, blue and white. The general height is from 12 inches to 18 inches. The foliage and flowers are very delicate and graceful and present the appearance of a small, feathery bush. Golden Flax (Linum flavum) has transparent, deep, golden yellow flowers. Linum perenne is […]