Where to plant the garden flower bulb

Where to plant the garden flower bulb

There is some bulb, corm or tuber suitable for growing in almost any place you can name, though most prefer a sunny position. The following are some possibilities:

  1. Display beds devoted to nothing else: Hyacinths, greigii tulips, dahlias
  2. To grow through other bedding plants: Darwin tulips through wallflowers or forget-me-nots, Cannas through summer bedding plants or annuals
  3. To edge beds: Dutch crocuses, short alliums, muscari, zephyranthes, chionodoxa, scillas, puschkinia
  4. In clumps (groups) in mixed borders. Tall alliums, crocosmia, daffodils, summer snowflakes, crown imperial, camassia, some lilies, galtonia, dahlias,
    tall tulips
  5. In beds for cutting: gladioli, dahlias, narcissi, irises (Dutch, English and Spanish), St Brigid and Du Caen anemones, some alliums
  6. Naturalized in long grass: Narcissi (daffodils)
  7. Naturalized in short turf: Tiny daffodils, fritillaries, muscari
  8. Naturalized under deciduous shrubs or trees: Anemone blanda, eranthis, cyclamen, showdrops, colchicums
  9. Naturalized in thin woodland: Some alliums, English bluebells, erythroniums, ornithogalum, Galanthus nivalis
  10. On rock gardens: Chinodoxas, choice fritillaries, small irises, small narcissi, crocus species, some alliums
  11. Grown in alpine houses or cold frames: Winter-flowering crocuses, small irises, cyclamen, Anemone blanda, small fritillaries, fall snowflakes, small South African corms
  12. Tender bulbs for outdoor planting in favorable localities: lxias, nerine, amaryllis, pancratium, babiana, sternbergia, sparaxia, crinurn
  13. In warm but moist places: Tigridia, ranunculus, chincherinchee
  14. Grown in cool borders among evergreen shrubs: Most lilies, galtonia, colchicums
  15. Grown in pots or vases on a terrace: Hyacinths, daffodils, begonias
  16. Grown in pots or bowls indoors: Hyacinths, daffodils, early tulips, crocuses, muscari, scilla, dwarf irises, hippeastrum, vallota
  17. Grown in pots in a cool greenhouse: Begonias, gloxinias, lachenalias, veltheimias, nerines, hymenocallis, eucomis, some lilies and begonias in hanging baskets
  18. Grown in pots or boxes in a cool greenhouse, but for cutting: Gladiolus colvillei. Dutch, Spanish and English irises, ixiolirion, freesias, tulips, narcissi, tritonia, chincherinchee, acidanthera
  19. In an intermediate greenhouse: Cyclamen, gloxinias, smithianthas, vallota, gloriosa as a climber, and achimenes in baskets


Photo credit: Derk DeWit

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