Garden, Lamppost Full-Circle Plan

Lamppost Full-Circle

An elegant touch for any landscape
is a lamppost surrounded by beautiful perennials.
You don’t even need a lamppost to create this
floral display. You can substitute a signpost,
small tree, trelllis or a metal or wooden post
with a decorative top. (Consider, for example,
a post topped by a charming weather vane.)

To create an easy-care Lamppost Garden, Spring
Hill has chosen two climbing vine of richly
colored Jackmannii Clematis, 6 each of mid-height
Black Eyed Susans and Pink Coneflowers, with
an evergreen foreground of 12 Lush Pachysandra.
This combination of beautiful perennials is
perfect encircling a standalone lamppost. Ideal
for planting in full sun or partial shade.

The sturdy metal stand of a lamppost is the
kind of strong support needed for the dense
vine cover and abundant blooms of the Jackmanii
Clematis. The golden Black Eyed Susans and Pink
Coneflowers are perfect summer-flowering companions.
The evergreen Lush Pachysandra ground cover
is attractive at all times.

Garden contains 26 plants.

A) Clematis, JackmaniiB) Daisy, Black
Eyed Susan
C) Coneflower, Pink
D) Pachysandra,

This collection includes:
A Jackmanii
(2), To create privacy or hide an
unsightly area, there is no finer choice than
this rich, deep purple Climbing Clematis..

B Daisy, Black Eyed Susan (6),
These are one of the few perennials to remain
in bloom until frost stops them..

C Pink Coneflower (6), Drought-resistant,
long-lasting daisylike blooms are bright purple-pink
with contrasting maroon centers .

D Lush Pachysandra (12), An
economical choice for problem areas. Grows well
under trees where even grass doesn’t do well..

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