Garden, Colorful Mailbox – Garden Plan

Garden, Colorful Mailbox – Garden Plan

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If you don’t already have a
mailbox in front of your house, you may want
to add one so you can duplicate this special
garden. Or, you can substitute a trellis, fencing,
wall anchors or any upright, so the Nelly Moser
Clematis can form a centerpiece for the supporting
cast of Clustered Bellflowers, Daisies and Dragon’s
Blood Sedum. While our illustration shows a
4′ x 6′ planting arrangement, these same perennials
can be spaced to add beauty to a much larger
area if you prefer.

Mailboxes are perfect places to grow the “Queen
of Clematis” – the beautiful, free-flowering,
two-tone Nelly Moser. The vines are light and
airy…won’t rot a wood post…stay within bounds
and smother themselves in a galaxy of six-inch
flowers that resemble a starburst. The violet-blue
Clustered Bellflowers and white Little Miss
Muffet Daisies complement the Clematis colors,
while Dragon’s Blood Sedum makes a striking,
drought-tolerant, well-behaved ground cover.

Garden contains 13 plants.

A) Bellflower, Clustered
B) Daisy, Little
Miss Muffet
C) Clematis, Nelly
D) Sedum, Dragon’s

This collection includes:
A Bellflower,
(3), Funnel-shaped, 1″ violet-blue
blooms appear all summer.

B Little Miss Muffet Daisy
(3), These dainty white and yellow blooms are
a favorite perennial of American gardeners.

C Nelly Moser Clematis (1),
To create privacy, highlight an architectural
feature or hide an unsightly area, there is no
finer choice than this mauve pink with red hint
Climbing Clematis..

D Dragon’s Blood Sedum (6),
A fast-growing ground cover with brilliant red
flowers in late summer and succulent, needle-like
leaves in vibrant orange-red..



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