Home Entrance Garden Plan

Home Entrance Garden Plan

Home Entrance Garden Plan

Say welcome to your visitors with a delightful entrance garden that adds long-lasting color and interest to your home. A continuous display of blooming flowers will give visitors and passersby a cheerful greeting from spring until the blooming season ends in fall–with very little attention on your part.

One of the nicest ways to welcome those who visit you is to add a special touch of elegance to your entrance. This specially designed garden includes more than enough perennials to fill two 10′ x 5′ areas with beauty all season long.

You can follow our garden plan or adapt the plan to suit your own landscape design. The garden includes six different perennials, with the dramatic Variegated Weigela and Nikko Blue Hydrangea as the featured plantings on each side of your entry. You’ll also receive six each of four smaller perennials chosen especially for long blooming and coordinated colors that are sure to complement your home.

Garden contains 26 plants.

A) Weigela, Variegated
B) Hydrangea, Nikko
C) Aster, Wild Romance
D) Penstemon, Red
E) Coreopsis, Moonbeam
F) Geranium, Hardy

This collection includes:
A Variegated
(1), the Graceful arching shrub has loads of densely clustered 1″ pink blooms that attract hummingbirds from late spring into fall.

B Nikko Blue Hydrangea (1), Big 6″ cobalt blue flower heads on 3-6′ tall emerald mounds are a breathtaking sight all season long. Blooms turn golden bronze in autumn.

C Wild Romance Aster (6), Butterflies love its vivid red semi-double flowers and yellow centers.

D Red Penstemon (6), Crimson tubular blossoms are beacons to hummingbirds

E Moonbeam Coreopsis (6), A splendid addition to the perennial border, ideal in containers or hanging baskets. Drought and mildew resistant..

F Hardy Geranium (6), Masses of violet-blue saucer-shaped flowers bloom late spring through summer. .


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