Greenhouse Beneficial Insects

Greenhouse Beneficial Insects

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Good Bugs

to the Rescue


insects are safe for your plants, and will not harm people, pets or

your environment!

Beneficial insects have proven to be an effective alternative to pesticides

in the greenhouse.

For at least one month before you add beneficial insects it is important

not to use residual pesticides, such as malathion and kelthane. During this

month’s wait, control pests with pyrethrin or rotenone sprays (fairly harmless

insecticides that break down quickly). Use up to one week before releasing

your beneficial bugs.

Beneficial bugs work best when given an early start. If you don’t

notice pests until they are well out of hand, spray with one of the foregoing

sprays to get them down to a manageable level first. Then release your beneficials

and they will keep the pests under control. All our beneficial insects are

shipped with detailed instructions. Guaranteed live arrival; ready to go

to work for you!

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