Tips on Heating Your Greenhouse

Tips on Heating Your Greenhouse

Great greenhouse tips and useful information to
keep your greenhouse running efficiently.




on Heating Your Greenhouse

conservation is first. Seal and insulate
where needed.

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  • Heat
    only as much as your plants require (this may
    feel cool to you).
  • Reduce
    heat loss by using a Heat-Saver Fan to
    pull heat off the ceiling.
  • Our
    Prewired Portable Heater Thermostat will also
    save heat by accurately turning your 120
    volt heater
    on and off.

How To Calculate
Heat Requirements

The following formula can
be used to determine the approximate heating requirements
of your greenhouse: A X D X 1.1 = Btu’s. “A” is
the total wall and roof surface area of your greenhouse.
“D” is the difference between coldest outdoor
winter temperature and the night temperature desired
in your greenhouse. “Btu’s” is the heat
requirement. Subtract 30% if greenhouse is insulated
using double glazing or polyethylene liner. Subtract
another 30% if it is a lean-to greenhouse on heated

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