Drying Tomatoes – Heirloom Tomato




Carefully wash and dry your tomatoes. Cut them in half lengthwise.
If you decide to remove the seeds try not to remove the pulp. Use
a spoon or your fingers to scoop out the seeds. To shorten the overall
drying time, cut a slit in the sides of the tomatoes to facilitate
air flow.

Place the halves skin side down on a framed plastic screen. Spread
them out so that none are touching. You can salt them at this time
for a little more flavor. The salt will also help draw liquid out
of the fruit faster. Use a cheesecloth cover over the screen to
protect the tomatoes from insects. Make sure to raise the cheesecloth
off the tomatoes slightly. Place the screen outside in the sun.
Raise the frame up off the ground so that air can flow freeely above
and below the fruit. It will take at minimum a few days of sunshine
to properly dry the tomatoes. Make sure to bring the fram inside
when the sun goes down.

When your tomatoes have fully dried, they will have a dark red color
or a darker, more intense color than they had originally. They should
feel dry and pliable to the touch; they should not be hard and brittle,
nor should they feel at all moist.

Oven Dry:

If your area doesn’t have the sun for sun-dired tomatoes, than over
drying will work fine. Using uniform tomatoes sizes will simplify
your results. Preheat oven to 200F or the lowest setting on a gas
oven. Prepare your tomatoes as above. Instead of cheesecloth, place
them on cake racks or a perforated pizza pan. Put the pans directly
on the oven racks. You can also cover the oven racks with aluminum
foil, just punch small holes in the foil for air circulation. Bake
at 200ยบ F for 6 to 12 hours until the tomatoes are fully dried.
Check on them regularly and make sure to remove any that are done.


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