Essential Tools That Can Help You Do Your Lawn Chores Faster and Better

Essential Tools That Can Help You Do Your Lawn Chores Faster and Better

When it comes to mowing the lawn, no single tool can maintain your landscape; the tools must complement each other. Mowing the lawn incorporates different landscaping aspects such as fertilizing, cutting the grass, edging, weeding, among other aspects. With the right tools, you can design your landscape without help from landscapers. With the right knowledge and tools, you will have a masterpiece of a landscape, and here are the essential tools in sculpting and growing a unique lawn.

1. Sprinkler System

The lawn needs water, and you can keep the surrounding vegetation hydrated using a sprinkler system. The other alternative would be to wait for rain, and you know how this could go south. Manual watering of the lawn can also be effective, although it’s often tiresome, and as the gardener, you might forget to water the lawn. A good sprinkler system ensures at least 5 inches of soil penetration; therefore, your lawn remains hydrated.

2. Lawn Mowers

A lawnmower is an essential tool that’s ideal for lawn maintenance. Mowers will enable you to maintain the grass length, and it removes weeds or dandelions that crop up. There are two types of lawnmowers; the rotary mowers use high-speed blades to trim the lawn and reel mowers that use laterally mounted blades that scissor the lawn as the wheels rotate. Having the right lawnmower reduces the effort and time spent maintaining the lawn. Tons of resources will guide you on everything about lawns, and you get to review and analyze some of the troybilt riding mowers. Mowers come in different designs; there are gas-powered or cordless mowers. Despite your preference, ensure that you get a quality mower through online reviews.

Since most people are on the lookout for non-polluting lawn mowing alternatives, there has been a resurgence in reel mowers. The mowers are powered by the force applied by the mower when they push the machine. Others prefer gasoline-powered mowers, although they are known to pollute the environment due to oil spills. However, with the right maintenance, reel mowers operate similarly to rotary mowers.

3. Lawn Aerator

Landscapes prefer renting the lawn aerator instead of owning one since soil aeration is often done once a year. The aerator operates using a roller that gets rid of soil and turf; as a result, the soil allows easier penetration of air, water, and nutrients. Consider loaning a lawn aerator from a lawn care service provider, and you will improve the soil quality faster than the traditional weeding technique.

4. Leaf Blowers and a Rake

During the fall, lawns are often filled with leaves; thus, a leaf blower or a rake might come in handy. The leaves are sometimes beautiful, although they wither with time, and this could be devastating for your landscape. You, therefore, have to clear the debris and maintain the glow of the grass. Rakes are old-fashioned, but they equally accomplish the task. On the other hand, you can use an electric or gas-powered leaf blower to accumulate debris then dispose of it later.

5. Rain Gauge

A properly maintained grass lawn requires 2 inches of irrigation or rainwater every week. A rain gauge will help you determine the amount of water that the lawn received. Get a rain gauge and place it on an open spot; don’t place it underneath a shelter or a tree.

6. A Fertilizer Spreader

If you have a dying lawn and a desire to bring it back to life, you have to take drastic measures to ensure that you maintain your lawn. Besides, some lawns are prone to bare or dead spots when they are poorly watered or when your pet plays on some spots. A fertilizer spreader brings back life to the lawn since it’s a faster way to disperse fertilizer all over the lawn. The tool evenly spreads seeds or fertilizer across the lawn without much effort.

7. Sprayer

A sprayer is ideal for applying pesticides to weeds. Sprayers have different designs ranging from a backpack sprayers to battery-powered sprays. Most people prefer the 1-gallon sprayer that has a pump that is effective for treating a small lawn. Look for a wand sprayer that allows you to target specific weeds and one that doesn’t spray too many chemicals. Besides, you will find pesticides and herbicides in a spray pump container; therefore, you can recycle the sprayer.

Everyone desires to have a properly maintained lawn, and with the right tools, you can achieve your goals. The above tools are suited for all lawn chores, and they will enable you to handle your chores faster. Consider reviewing some of the tools from a trusted source before you purchase or rent them.

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