Gardening with The Sun and The Wind

You can control many planting conditions. You can add water with a hose if it does not rain. But you can’t turn the sun on if your plants need extra light or heat

This just means that you must take normal sun and prevailing wind conditions into consideration when you plan and when you plant. Use shady lawn mixtures where grass must grow in partial shade. Plant sun-loving flowers in your sunniest border spots. Plant vegetables only where the plants are assured an average of six hours of sun daily during the growing season. Mild winds help dry off plants wet from rain or dew and in that way help you control fungus diseases in gardens. Strong winds break off tall plants . . . yes, even trees, particularly the fast growing kinds. Some measure of wind control in the garden is possible through the planting of windbreaks-tight, tall-growing hedges or even trees. just make up your mind to work with nature by paying a little attention to the plants’ preferences


The Sun and The Wind

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