The Top Four Reasons Why Tree Trimming Is Important

The Top Four Reasons Why Tree Trimming Is Important

Tree trimming, also known as pruning, is an important part of overall tree care. It involves hiring a qualified tree care company for the removal of dead, diseased, and unnecessary branches from the tree. The process of tree trimming helps to improve the general health of the tree and helps to stabilize the inner structure. Trees are also a vital component of any landscaping design. And a well-cared for tree will add beauty and value to your property. So, it is important to keep them looking their best with regular pruning.

Here are the top four reasons why tree trimming is important:

  1. To improve tree health and enhance new growth.
  2. To keep your home and yard beautiful.
  3. To provide safety.
  4. To encourage fruit production.

To improve tree health and enhance new growth.

A key reason for tree trimming is to improve the overall health of the tree and enhance new growth. Through the process of tree trimming, dead, diseased, and unnecessary limbs are removed from the tree. The increased air circulation and sun exposure to the remaining branches promotes the healthy growth of the tree and helps to prevent diseases. The pruning process also helps the overall health of the tree because the removal of the diseased limb prevents the further spread of the disease to the healthy parts of the tree. Also, by removing unnecessary branches the tree can focus its resources on new growth. Proper tree trimming leads to a healthier structure and a tree that is stronger and less in need for future corrective pruning.

To keep your home and yard beautiful

Another important reason to trim trees is that it keeps your home and yard looking beautiful. First, pruning trees improves the appearance of the trees themselves. By removing dead, diseased, and unnecessary branches the trees will maintain their natural shape. This improves not only their appearance but your curb appeal. Next, by keeping your trees pruned you improve the sightlines to your surroundings. Because when a tree is overgrown it can block that view of nature right out your window. Next, tree trimming helps to increase sunlight exposure in your home. When overgrown branches in front of a window block the light pruning will lead to an increase in the amount of light coming into your home. Lastly, tree trimming can improve the appearance of your lawn and other plants. Overgrown trees prevent sunlight and rain from reaching the grass and plants that are underneath them which can lead to poor growth. By removing extra branches, the sunlight and rain are able to reach the other plants and they can become healthier and more attractive.

To improve safety

Improving safety is another important reason to regularly trim trees. Dead branches or those that are weakened by disease are a potential safety concern. This is especially true during a storm with high winds or heavy rain. Trees that are located near power lines are of particular concern because they pose a fire hazard. It’s also important to trim trees with limbs that hang over the roof because they have the potential to severely damage the structure if they fall. Another area of concern is branches that cover walkways or areas where children play as they have a higher risk of injury from falling limbs or branches. Regular tree maintenance can prevent damage to property and serious injury to you and your family.

To encourage fruit production

If you have a fruit tree, whether apple, orange or lemon, one of the important reasons for tree trimming is to increase the production of fruit. Firstly, pruning the tree of the dead and diseased branches increases the overall health of the tree. This allows the tree to be more productive as a healthier tree is known to produce more fruit. Trimming trees also decreases the volume of branches that the tree has to maintain. This is important to fruit production because it allows the tree to store the excess energy and use it for fruit production.  Next, tree trimming removes the dead branches that encourage infestation by insects that can lead to poor health and poor fruit production. By pruning, you decrease the risk of insects and diseases that weaken the health of the tree and lower the production of fruit. Lastly, pruning helps the tree to develop spurs, which are needed to promote fruit production the next year.

Other reasons for trimming trees

Besides the top four reasons for trimming trees there are several other benefits that can come with regular tree maintenance:

  • Preventing the occurrence of leaf disease.
  • Decreasing the incidence of pest infestations.
  • Ensuring the flow of traffic and pedestrians.
  • Ensuring a clear view of road signs.

Prevent the occurrence of leaf disease

A common disease that can affect trees is leaf disease. These leaf diseases can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungi. These disease-causing organisms are more likely to exist on overgrown trees because of the increased moisture retained by the extra foliage. By regularly trimming the unnecessary branches of the tree it improves the air circulation to the remaining branches and foliage. This improved air circulation helps to get rid of any excess moisture and reduced the occurrence of further leaf disease. Also, by removing any diseased branches during pruning it will protect the healthy branches from the spread of the leaf disease.

Decrease the incidence of pest infestation

There are many different types of insects and other pests that call the trees in your yard home. When the leaves and branches of those trees become thick and overgrown it allows these pests to survive more easily. This can become a potential hazard not only to the health of your trees but could lead to a possible infestation of your home and associated damage. By pruning your branches to a proper thickness, it reduces the number of insects and other pests that are present around your yard. This is a benefit not only to your trees, but it also reduces your potential need for pest control services.

Can improve the flow of traffic and pedestrians

Streets, driveways, bike trails, sidewalks, and footpaths need to remain open and free from obstruction to allow for the continued flow of traffic and pedestrians. An overgrown tree located near these areas can pose a possible risk to this flow. Untrimmed trees, with dead or diseased branches, are more likely to have limbs fall and land in the streets, driveways, bike trails, sidewalks, and footpaths making them more difficult to use and impede the flow of traffic and pedestrians. With proper trimming, your trees will improve the flow of the traffic and pedestrians in your area. 

Ensure a clear view of road signs

Road signs are an important and necessary feature because they help to direct us while we are driving and provide safety. So, it is important that they are visible to all motorists. This could become an issue if they are located near trees that are overgrown. By properly trimming your trees you ensure that branches don’t grow in a way that obstructs the view of any road signs, thereby keeping them fully visible for all drivers.

After finding out about the reasons for tree trimming, it is important not to take care of your maintenance needs by yourself. Improper trimming can damage or possibly even kill your trees.

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