Trees with yellow or golden leaves

Trees with yellow or golden leaves

Trees with yellow or golden leaves

Included here are some trees which do not retain their exceptional color throughout the entire season, but are attractive during the early part of the summer. All are cultivars that must be propagated vegetatively since they rarely come true from seed. When suckers arise from ground level they should be watched, and, if they are not true, removed.

Broad-leaved trees

ACER CAPPADOCICUM AUREA Deep yellow leaves on opening and again in autumn. A. negundo auratum, goldenyellow foliage; A. pseudoplatanus corstorphinense, the golden sycamore, has leaves changing from pale through rich yellow to green in late summer, makes a large tree, worlei has soft yellow leaves until late summer.

ALNUS GLUTINOSA AUREA A goldenleaved form of the common alder. A. incana aurea, yellow leaves and young shoots with red catkins; it is a beautiful form of the grey alder.

CATALPA BIGNONIOIDES AUREA A small growing cultivar of the Indian bean tree with large golden leaves.

FAGUS SYLVATICA ZLATIA A yellowleaved beech.

FRAXINUS EXCELSIOR AUREA A large tree with yellow shoots and yellow leaves in autumn.

GLEDITSCHIA TRIACANTHOS ‘Sunburst’. This has bright yellow unfolding leaves.

LABURNUM ANAGYROIDES AUREUM The yellow-leaved laburnum.

PTELEA TRIFOLIATA AUREA A yellow-leaved form of the hop-tree.

ROBINIA PSEUDOACACIA FRISIA This has golden-yellow leaves throughout.

ULMUS CARPINIFOLIA SARNIENSIS A slow-growing .form of the Wheatley elm with pure golden colored leaves. U. glabra lutescens, a wych elm with pale yellow leaves; U. procera vanhouttei, a golden-leaved form of hedgerow elm.


CEDRUS DEODARA AUREA The golden deodar, smaller than the type, is the best golden cedar.

CHAMAECYPARIS LAWSONIANA LUTEA Has golden-yellow foliage; stewartii is a free-growing yellow form; C. obtusa crippsii is good deep yellow, slowly reaching tree size.

CUPRESSUS MACROCARPA ‘Donard Gold’. A deep yellow and lutea, paler yellow, both being of compact growth.

JUNIPERUS CHINENSIS AUREA Young’s golden juniper is a small tree of rather narrow form.

TAXUS BACCATA ELEGANTISSIMA The golden yew; fastigiata aurea is the golden Irish yew.

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