Weeping trees

Weeping trees

Weeping trees are mostly natural sports that must be propagated as cultivars. They are difficult to place on account of their arresting form, and must stand in isolation since much of their beauty lies in the manner in which their branches sweep down to the ground. Nothing should be grown under them.

Few trees are more frequently planted in an unsuitable place than the weeping willow, attractive when it is a small, slender tree, but becoming mighty in age, when its form often has to be damaged by savage pruning.

BETULA PENDULA TRISTIS A graceful form of the silver birch with steeply drooping branches; youngii is smaller, more compact and slow-growing.

BUXUS SEMPERVIRENS PENDULA A good weeping form of the common box.

An attractive small weeping tree with yellow pea-shaped flowers and fernlike leaves.

CRATAEGUS MONOGYNA PENDULA A weeping hawthorn; pendula rosea has pink flowers.

FAGUS SYLVATICA PENDULA The weeping beech, making a big tree; purpureopendula is a weeping form of the purple beech.

FRAXINUS EXCELSIOR PENDULA The well-known weeping ash.

GLEDITSCHIA TRIACANTHOS BUJOTI A honey-locust with pendulous branches,

Perry’s silver weeping holly, berrying freely.

LABURNUM ANAGYROIDES PENDULUM A gracefully weeping laburnum.

MALUS The following crab-apples have pendulous branches: M. floribunda’ `Excellens Thiel’, a small tree with crimson buds and pink flowers, floriferous but no fruit; M. prunifolia pendula, the weeping Siberian crab, with numerous small, scarlet, persistent fruit; M. pumila pendula `Elise Ratlike’, a weeping form of the native crab.

MORUS ALBA PENDULA The weeping white mulberry is a small tree with perpendicular branches, the fruit is insignificant.

PRUNUS PERSICA’Windle Weeping’ A weeping peach with double pink flowers; P. subhirtella pendula, the weeping spring cherry, has very numerous pale pink flowers; in pendula rubra they are deeper colored. P. yedoensis perpendens is a very pendulous form of the early

Yoshino cherry. PYRUS SALICIFOLIA PENDULA A very pendulous form of the silver willowleaved pear,

SALIX ALBA TRISTIS The now common weeping willow, making a large tree; S. babylonica is rare and not satisfactory.

SOPHORA JAPONICA PENDULA A small arbour-like tree with slender branchlets falling perpendicularly. SORBUS-ARIA A weeping form of the whitebeam. S. aucuparia pendula, a weeping form of the Rowan. Both are small trees.

TILIA PETIOLARIS The weeping silver lime is a magnificent tree with a silvery sheen on the underside of the large leaves.

ULMUS GLABRA CAMPERDOWNII The smaller of the two weeping wych elms with very pendulous branches, pendula being larger and more spreading in form.



INTERTEXTA A tall cypress of great beauty with drooping branches. C. nootkatensis pendula a handsome, rather large tree with long drooping branches. JUNIPERUS RECURVA COXII A moderate-sized, narrow tree with long, glaucous shoots drooping steeply.

LARIX LEPTOLEPIS PENDULA A weeping form of the Japanese larch.

PICEA BRACHYTYLA This has slender, pendulous branchlets, the leaves blue and white underneath; P. breweriana, Brewer’s weeping spruce, is a sombre tree with very long branchlets that hang vertically; P. smithiana, the Himalayan spruce, is a large tree with steeply drooping branchlets and exceptionally long leaves.

TAXUS BACCATA DOVASTONIANA A yew with spreading branches from which the branchlets droop; aureovariegata is a golden-leaved form.

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