Bedtime Stories Ringtone – Full Length – "RING RING" Adam Sandler

Bedtime Stories Ringtone - Full Length - "RING RING" Adam Sandler

During the movie, you have to stop and listen to this god awful noise. What is it….? oh it’s the cell phone ringtone. This is the most annoying ring tone with a twist of laughter. I’ve played this at work and they all laughed.

Of course, I would recommend you see Bedtime Stories by Disney with Adam Sandler to enjoy the original version. My family watched this movie on Christmas day and we give this movie a thumbs up. The critics are out of their minds if they don’t like it.. hmmm … maybe they don’t have any kids and can’t relate. Great movie… worth seeing.

To download the full version of this ringtone, select this link. After the page loads, perform a right mouse click and ‘save source’ to your PC. Process supports Apple Quicktime.

Bedtime Stories Ringtone

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