How to Spruce Up Your Backyard This Summer

How to Spruce Up Your Backyard This Summer

Summer months are a great time to enjoy the peace and comfort of your backyard. As the warmer season begins, it is perfect timing to spruce up the space and makes it more enjoyable. There are a variety of ways to make the backyard more ideal for spending time both in company and alone.

Plant Flower Beds

Bursts of color and appealing scents help to spruce up any backyard space. Flower beds can be simple or complex, an arrangement of a single type of blossom or ornate combinations of colors and textures that are carefully arranged for optimal appearance and pleasure to the senses. Ideal flower beds will be planned so that different types of blossoms will be blooming throughout the summer months, never leaving the space dull or barren of color.

Set Up a Hammock

There are few simple pleasures more enjoyable in a backyard space than stretching out in a hammock, whether soaking in the sun or enjoying the flickering shade of sheltering trees. Hammocks can be of netting or solid cloth, cotton or canvas, plain white or colorful, with pillows or without, held open by stretcher bars or more simply strung up, fastened to trees or supported by a hammock stand. Hanging hammock chairs are another option. The graceful, gentle swaying motions are soothing in the warm, sunny weather. Hammocks are a perfect way to enjoy backyard relaxation.

String Up or Place Lights

Solar lights on spikes to line walkways or illuminate garden beds are a popular option to help spruce up a backyard space. Strung fairy lights are another option: delicate lights hanging from limbs or along hedges or fences to offer tiny points of illumination that help make a space magical. Tiny touches of light may not offer complete exposure to the backyard but they do add character and charm.

Tend the Grass

Grass that is well kept is vital for a pleasing backyard space. Shaggy grass and dead, barren spots are unappealing and cheapen the look of the backyard. Water the lawn if necessary, keep things neatly cut and trimmed around trees and garden borders, and seed or replace turf where the lawn is bald and patchy. Lush, thick grass is like having a fine carpet for the outdoor room that is the backyard.

Set Up a Barbecue or Firepit

Whether you are entertaining or enjoying the backyard solo, a fire pit or a barbecue are great places to cook an outdoor meal and enjoy time outside. Barbecues have a variety of recipes that can be produced on them, scarcely limited to the meats that are traditional. Roasted vegetables are wonderful additions to barbecued meals. Food can be cooked on skewers or on grates over an open fire for a campfire feel in your own backyard.

The backyard is like another room of the home and should be treated as such with considerations such as enhancing the beauty, maintaining good upkeep, and keeping things comfortable. Summer is a perfect time to enjoy this outdoor room.

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