Red Bull Beverage or Alcohol gardening Drinks

Red Bull Beverage or Alcohol gardening Drinks

Red Bull Recipes

“Excuse me bartender, There’s a Red Bull in my drink”

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Do you want to know what gets me off the couch and pull a few weeds?


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Speed BallBull Breeze
Red Bull, Stoli orange and OJRed Bull, vodka & cranberry juice
BlasterBull Rider
A SHOT OF Jagermeister dropped into a glass of Red BullRed Bull, Jack Daniels & 7up
(Original Gangsta Bull)
Red Bull, tequila & margarita mixRed Bull, Gin & OJ juice
InvisibullThug Viagra
Red Bull & Bacardi LimonShot of Hennessey chased by Red Bull
WingsThug Passion
Red Bull & vodkaRed Bull & Alize
MalibullViagra Martini
Red Bull, Malibu rim & pineapple juiceRed Bull, Martini & a cherry whip cream optional
MelonbullSouthern Bull
Red Bull, Midori & vodkaRed Bull & Southern Comfort
BullionaireRed Sky
Red Bull, Gin, OJ & cranberry juiceRed Bull, Sky vodka, OJ grenadine
Flirg BullBull’s Eye
Red Bull, Amoretto & OJRed Bull, Stoli Raspberry & chambord
Red Bull & Grape PuckerRed Bull, champagne & OJ

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