5 Benefits of connecting with other gardeners through a small online community

Even though the internet is inundated with the content useful for gardeners, a closer look reveals that most of the information is overly generic and aimed at large audience groups. Content like that fails to cater to people looking for specific information, as well as the communication that a small and intimate online community can offer. If you believe that large websites don’t cater to your specific needs anymore, it may be a good idea to create a website on your own and take a first step toward connecting with the gardeners like yourself. Here are some benefits this could bring your way.

1.    Speaking the same lingo

A smaller, more intimate online community ensures that you get to know your peers better because you speak the same lingo. For instance, you could create a website specifically for people who plant a certain type of crop or who live in a specific climate. Speaking with a smaller group of people through a community website ensures that you never worry about feeling uncomfortable or silly if you are still new to the community.

2.      Saving time

No doubt, you want to spend most of your time in the garden rather than looking for information in the jungle that is the internet. Within a small online community, it is so much easier to find the information you’re after. Besides, small online networks generally tend to receive less spam than the large ones. When building a website for a smaller audience, it’s up to you to decide which filters to put in place to ensure that the content is only posted by people who can bring something genuinely worthy to the table.

3.      Sharing secrets

It’s true that knowledge is power, and there is the knowledge that you may not want to share with just everybody out there in order to preserve its value. A small online community, on the contrary,  could be the place where you would feel comfortable to share such knowledge.

4.      Building trust

A smaller online community of the like-minded people makes it easier to build trust. Within a group of gardeners who trust each other, you are more likely to obtain the information you can fully rely on. The great thing is that people in such communities treat you as one of their own and are more willing to share valuable information for free.

5.      Obtaining feedback

Getting comments and constructive feedback on your posts can be really tough on large gardening websites. However, if you belong to a small online community where people get to know each other well, you are likely to get feedback much quicker. What is more, opinions from people you actually know and trust are definitely much easier to digest than those coming from strangers.

The bottom line is, a small and cozy online community can be a really rewarding experience in terms of bringing the like-minded people together. Plus, thanks to all the advancements in the information technology witnessed today, creating a website has never been easier.

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