Czech International Rock Garden Conference 2007

Czech International Rock Garden Conference 2007

1st Czech International
 Rock Garden
Beroun nr. Prague
 Czech Republic

May 3 – 6, 2007




Rock gardeners,
– Plan to be there!
– Make a pilgrimage to the Mecca of rock gardeners, to Prague at blooming time.
– Meet the true believers of natural rock gardening.
– Enjoy the blend of lectures and the wealth of their experience from the wild and cultivation.
– Listen to nineteen lecturers at this intimate conference.
– See the Main Alpine Show with plant sale in Prague
– Visit the best Czech rock gardens.
– Get to the heart of Europe, to a medieval city.

Vojtěch Holubec                                Zdeněk Zvolánek
president of RGCP                      conference chairman



The conference will be held

At the hotel “Na ostrově” (On the island), in Beroun. It is a charming medieval royal town on the D5 (E50) motorway, 18 km west of Prague and 25 minutes by taxi from the International Airport Praha – Ruzyně.


Czech Republic is a land of famous people such as “Good soldier Švejk” (Jaroslav Hašek), Jan Amos Komenský (Comenius), Antonín Dvořák, Bedřich Smetana, Franz Kavka, Gregor Mendel, Karel Čapek… and a lot of famous people lived or created here: Tycho de Brahe, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and others.
Prague is a city with historical evidence from the 8th century A.D. Věstonická Venus belongs to the famous excavations from South Moravia. Charles University (founded in 1348) is one of the oldest in the middle of Europe.
But all this is nothing compared to rock gardening traditions. Arnošt Sylva Tarouca founded Průhonice landscape park with a natural rock garden in 1885.  


Vlastimil Braun (Czech R.): The small Daphnes.
Joyce Carruthers (Canada): Rock garden residents from the Wild West.
Josef Halda (Czech R.): Wild journeys to where the wild plants grow.
Finn Haugli (Norway): The cultivation of Himalayan plants in Arctic. Native alpines of N Norway
Vojtěch Holubec (Czech R.): Exploring alpines in China and Tibet. The Caucasus and its flowers.
Michael Kammelander (Germany): World of Crocuses and magic Juno Irises.
Fritz Kummert (Austria): European Primulas of the Auriculastrum section. Successes with plants in a south eastern Austrian garden.
Jiří Papoušek (Czech R.): Breeding Kabschias, the work of  the Czech breeders.
John Page (England): History of growing alpines outdoors in England.
Robert Rolfe (England): Alpines of the Andes. The best of English shows.
Jānis Rukšāns (Latvia) Bulbs of Central Asia.
Gerben Tjeerdsma (Sweden): Rock gardening in the Botanical Garden Göteborg. Expeditions of the Botanical Garden Göteborg.
Zdeněk Zvolánek (Czech R.): Bohemian rock gardening. Crevice gardens and their plants.



Post Conference rock garden visits

Five days of bus tours encompassing:
East Bohemia circle (J. Grulich, Z. Řeháček, O. Maixner, J. Novák).
North Prague circle (O. Vlasák, D. Pangrác, J. Papoušek, V. Holubec)
Czech Karst circle (K. Lang, Z. Zvolánek, S. Čepička, M. Čepička, M. Halada)
Central Bohemia circle (V. Staněk, K. Veselý, Antonín Dvořák Museum, Konopiště Castle)


Please, register on line or return the application to the following address:

The Rock Garden Club, Prague
c/o Lida and Jiři Papoušek
conference registration
Zaorálkova 591
252 63 Roztoky
Czech Republic



The Conference fee includes accomodation and board,
 visit to The Main Alpine Show in Prague,
 and Proceedings with lectures and colour pictures.

Conference fees are distinguished according to terms of payment:
Registration fee 260 EUR (before 30 October 2006),
Late registration fee 310 EUR
Post conference trip 300 EUR
Cancellation will be penalized for the amount of payment servicing, but  the penalty will be 100 EUR after 30 January 2007

Payment details

Please, use a bank transfer to:
Česká spořitelna, Křenova 7, 162 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic
Account number: 143657309/0800
IBAN Code: CZ 60 0800 0000 0001 4365 7309
Please, state clearly the recipient:
“The Rock Garden Club, Prague”
Maříkova 5, 162 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic
or send a cheque to RGCP


The accommodation will be in the hotel “Na ostrově”
 Na ostrově 816, 266 01 Beroun 3
1, 2 and 3 bed rooms available


On line:
By e-mail:
By post:
Jiří and Lída Papoušek
Zaorálkova 591, 252 63 Roztoky
Czech Republic

phone: +420 220 911 636
mobile: +420 606 762 671




Spouse programme

We can offer three half day guided visits for those who do not want to stay in the lecture room.
1. Prague sightseeing
2. Karlštejn castle
3. Koněprusy caves in the Czech Karst
Please, fill your wish in the registration form



Conference committee

Zdeněk Zvolánek – chairman
Karel Týbl – vice chairman, webmaster
Ota Vlasák – technical chairman
Jiří Papoušek – registration
Ivana Nováková – treasurer
Luděk Zvolánek – trips and translation
Vojtěch Holubec – correspondence
Zdeněk Obrdlík – printing
Joyce Carruthers – supporting team
Vlastimil Braun – supporting team
Jiří Novák – supporting team


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