HIBISCUS (Abelmoschus) Sunset Hibiscus, Annual Flower Information

HIBISCUS (Abelmoschus)  Sunset Hibiscus, Annual Flower Information

HIBISCUS (Abelmoschus) – Sunset Hibiscus

(Goldenbowl H.)

(Ancient name for the Marshmallow)

Comparatively unknown to gardens, the Sunset Hibiscus, H. manihot, is the loveliest yellow tall annual. The plants grow 8 feet tall, the divided leaves, character of seed vessels and even the flowers remind us of the Okra. The flowers are soft yellow, 4 inches to 9 inches across, blotched with maroon. The capsules are covered with stiff hair and are long and cylindrical.

Where to Plant. Splendid for large beds or for background for other and less tall annuals. A species, sometimes cultivated, H. trionum, the Flower-of-an-hour, soon becomes a weed.

GENERAL. When frost comes too early the seeds do not ripen. Sow seeds indoors in individual pots, as the plants resent transplanting

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