LYCHNIS Campion (Rose-of-heaven), Annual Flower Information

Lychnis - Rose Campion, Mullein Pink,  Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

LYCHNIS Campion (Rose-of-heaven)

(Greek for lamp, referring to the flame-colored flowers of some species)

The various sorts of Lychnis are generally considered to be perennial but several are annual.

The Rose-of-heaven, Lychnis coelirosea, often cataloged as Viscaria oculala, is a lovely little annual with crimson, blue, purple, lavender, pink or white flowers. The five petals are slightly notched and the flowers are one inch in diameter. The plants grow 1 foot tall. They are hardly known in the United States but cultivated in England.

Where to Plant. Tiny, modest flowering plants, they are useful for occasional plants at the front of the border or for the rock garden.

GENERAL. Sow the seeds in May where they are to bloom and thin the plants to stand 6 inches apart. They bloom soon after sowing.

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