Plant care for Nemophila, California-bluebell, Annual Flower Information

Plant care for Nemophila, California-bluebell, Annual Flower Information

These small, dainty plants from California are of a spreading habit and the leaves are pale green, deeply cut and slightly hairy. In Nemophila menziesi var. insignis, Baby-blue-eyes, the flowers are cup shaped, blue or white. The tips of the petals of N. maculata, the Spotted Nemophila, are spotted with deep purple, the rest being white. Most other Nemophilas found in the catalogs are varieties of these two species. The plants grow a foot tall and are profuse bloomers throughout the Summer.

Nemophilas differ from Phacelias, to which they are related, by having reflexed or spreading appendages in the sinuses of the calyx.

Where to Plant. These charming little annuals are excellent for edging beds, or for informal low groups in the border. Their long season of bloom commends them for wider cultivation. They are best grown in partial shade and in the moister soils. They are rather intolerant of heat. They are excellent pot plants for the greenhouse and clumps in the rockery are pleasing.

GENERAL. The seed may be sown in April in the open border where the plants are to grow. They should be thinned to stand at least 6 inches apart. It is said that these flowers do best in soil, which is not very rich, and in the cooler regions of the country.

NEMOPHILA (Love-grove) – (Baby-blue-eyes) (California-bluebell)

(Name means grove-loving)

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