PHACELIA, Annual Flower Information

PHACELIA, Annual Flower Information


(Named from the Greek for cluster; refers to clustering of flowers)

The best known sort is Phacelia campanularia, the Harebell Phacelia, which bears Gentian-blue, bell-shaped flowers with contrasting white stamens on one-sided curved racemes. The plants grow 9 inches tall and are somewhat hairy. They remain in bloom for a long time, the flowers being produced in one-sided curving clusters. P. whitlavia, the Bluebell P., grows 18 inches tall, differing from the above in having a swollen corolla tube three times as long as the lobes.

Where to Plant. Phacelias are excellent edging plants for blue effects and admirably suited to the rockery. They may be grown in pots in a cool greenhouse.

GENERAL. The seeds may be sown in the open ground in May. It will be well to pinch back a few of the plants while young; this will delay flower production, but result in well-formed plants. These plants prefer full sun and a light soil. Let them stand 8 inches apart.

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