Romneya – Matilija Poppy, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

A glorious miracle! Thus has the Matilija Poppy been described. With its transparent, delicate, silvery, crinkled flowers which look as if they were made of the forest white silk crepe, would they not indeed present a glorious appearance? The Matilija Poppy (Romneya Conlteri) is a native of the Southwestern States, Mexico and California in particular, but with proper care, it […]

Hypericum – St. John’s Wort, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

Hypericum – St. John’s Wort, Aaron’s Beard, Gold Flower Literally speaking, these flowers either seem to be made of gold or to be holding the golden rays of sunlight within their small petaled cups. Real, genuine pleasure is derived by growing this plant. The St. John’s Wort (Hypericum Moserianum) has large, deep, glistening, golden yellow blossoms, greatly resembling a single […]

Iris – Flag, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

It is a peculiarity of an Iris lover that he does not like to have an Iris called a Flag, although most persons call these flowers by that name. With the advent of new varieties, the Iris is gaining in popularity from year to year. A national society honors this flower and many cities have Iris clubs. The exquisite colors […]

Liatris – Blazing Star, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

Liatris is a rather odd plant and merits a much more general use because it is very desirable and attractive. The Kansas Gay Feather (Lialris pycrtostachya) is the one most commonly grown and is one of the choicest ones to grow. It grows in long spikes, 4 feet to 5 feet tall, which are densely covered with slender, grass-like leaves […]

Lobelia, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

Natives of our woods, in bosky places we find two exquisite wild Lobelias, the Cardinal Flower, Lobelia cardinalis, and the Great Lobelia, L. syphililica, a blue sort. Both sorts vary greatly in height, some growing 3 feet or 4 feet tall, other plants being hardly a foot tall. Some of the European catalogs list sorts of the Cardinal Flower which […]

Hesperis – Dames rocket, Damask-violet, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

Sweet Rocket is one of our most fragrant flowers which grows almost wild, as it has escaped from the gardens. Hesperis matronalis has white, flesh, or lavender-colored flowers which grow in large clusters. The plants are about 3 feet high and are bushy. All of the flowers are very sweet-scented and this is especially noticed in the evening. They bloom […]

Growing Annuals & Biennial Plants

Seed’s are nature’s way of increasing plant life and it is also the simplest method for the gardener to raising annual, biennial and in sometimes a perennial flowering plants. Gardens of in new developments tend to get smaller and smaller, due to the high cost of land, therefore you could plant or grow only the best plants. Don’t waste your […]

Perennials for Edging

Edging your garden provides a clean crisp look. Your garden borders will stand out when there’s a clean edge between the planting area and your landscape paths, driveway, sidewalk, and your lawn. Common edging, such as stone, wood, or brick, provide an optimal appearance keeping the plants in the garden bed while keeping the lawn out, but it isn’t always […]

Papaver – Oriental Poppy, Iceland Poppy, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

Papaver – Oriental Poppy, Iceland Poppy There are Poppies and Poppies, old-fashioned ones and new varieties, and it would almost seem that they grow more dazzling and more gorgeous each year. Perhaps they are grown in a greater number of gardens and we see their brilliant colors everywhere during the early Summer months, or perhaps, we too have learned the […]

How to Build a Koi Pond in Your Backyard

A Koi pond is one of the best ways to create a tranquil space in your backyard. Once built, you will want to spend hours watching the fish swim. Thankfully, installing the Koi pond shouldn’t be a difficult task, allowing you to build it yourself. Let’s look at the steps that you will need to follow. 1.      Start Planning the […]