Water Garden – Aquatic, Information on Water Gardening

When a natural lake exists on an estate, or a brook bends its way through your garden, then this provides the ideal conditions for the formation of a water garden. When water has to be introduced, a considerable initial expense must be anticipated; if the owner wishes to have a garden worthy of the name. The charm of the water […]

Mertensia – Virginia Cowslip, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

The Virginian Cowslip is one of the loveliest of the early spring blooming plants. In rambling through the fields and woods for Violets, large clumps of these flowers can be seen growing at random. Of the many species, this Virginian Cowslip, often wrongly called Blue Bells (Mertensia Virginia) is the showiest of all and the one which is most easily […]

How to plant Half-hardy Annuals flowers

Many plants which we call half-hardy annuals are natives of much warmer lands where frost is unknown or a rare occurrence. Some are perennial in their native conditions. It is necessary therefore in some colder areas of the country to germinate the seed with the aid of artificial heat in a greenhouse or frame. It is also advisable to sow […]

Where to plant Annuals flowers in your garden

Garden Beds and Borders Annuals are probably most widely used for filling gaps in borders, on the rock garden and elsewhere, for they provide splashes of welcome color in a matter of months. A bed or border. devoted entirely to hardy annuals can make a splendid carpet of color during the summer months, but it does entail considerable work in […]

Annuals for your Garden

Notes on Annual Plant Descriptions Detail information addressing 50 types of annuals and how to use them in your garden. Did you know some annuals are hardier than others? Our notes for each plant states the difference from hardy annual to hardy hardy annual. H.A. Indicates that the plant is best raised as a hardy annual by seed sown in […]

ZINNIA – Annual Flower Information

At last, the Zinnia has come into its own. Because it is of easy culture and does well for anyone, it has in the past been admired less than it deserves. Recently the seed growers of California have developed enormous flowers of unusual shapes and with excellent colors. We may now obtain clear rose, rich purple, golden yellows, the palest […]

Herb Gardening for the Home Gardener

Many of the plants we grow such as annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees are herbs in the true sense of the word. With an increased interest in recent years in continental or gourmet cooking, the word “herb” is nearly always thought of by home gardeners to mean the “culinary” herb. The Herb Garden The herbs I have grown are listed […]

How to Grow a Herb Garden From Seed

Herbs have long been used to naturally treat everyday health ailments and, of course, as popular seasonings in many meats, vegetables and other dishes. This is why many, looking to try their hand at gardening, will try to grow their own herb garden in order to maintain a fresh selection of their favorite common seasonings. Growing your own herbs from […]

Shade Gardening

The Shaded Garden by D.A. Brown A properly planted, shaded garden possesses a charm of its own, with quiet harmonies of color that are so different in charac­ter from its sunny counterpart and at the same time it provides a cool refuge a retreat from summer’s glare. But limited sun­light is often viewed with rather mixed feelings by those endeav­oring […]

Polygonum – Knot-Grass, KnotWeed, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

The Knot Weed is a very ornamental plant for any garden because the foliage is so beautifully tinted in Autumn. Some of the varieties grow very high and greatly resemble Bamboo in growth. Polygonum sochalinense is one of this type, attaining a height of from 2 feet to 12, feet, with leaves 12 inches long and sprays of greenish-white flowers. […]