Asperula – Sweet Woodruff, Waldmeister, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

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Asperula – Sweet
Woodruff, Waldmeister

Woodiuff (Asperula odorata) is a small growing,
graceful, sweet scented herb. It has small, white flowers
and deep green, whorled foliage. The flowers and leaves
when dried have an odor like new hay and when laid among
clothes, perfume them and keep away insects.

It grows
from 6 inches to 8 inches high and the small flowers,
appearing among the foliage, make an exceedingly pretty
picture, but the foliage itself is not very attractive.

Sweet Woodruff is fine for cutting purposes, and is
used with varieties of the English Ivy for a ground
covering among shrubs and under trees. Dried leaves
have a very agreeable aromatic odor.

It will succeed when planted in clumps if given a partially
shaded position.

It is propagated by division and from seeds and increases
rapidly. The seeds germinate slowly.

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