Anthemis – Golden Marguerite, Common Chamomile, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

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– Golden Marguerite, Common Chamomile

hardy Marguerite is a sturdy, very easily grown plant.
It is about 1 foot or 1 1/2 feet high, very bushy, with
finely cut foliage somewhat resembling the Pyrethrums,
and bears Daisy-like, yellow flowers in great profusion
from June until Fall. The colors range from purest white
to a rich yellow. Anthemis tinctoria Kelwayi is the
best one for gardens because it has a particularly long
flowering season. Its flowers are yellow. A. montana,
a form of A. tinctoria, has creamy white

The golden Marguerites are splendid when planted in
masses and are most excellent for hot dry places. Some
of the dwarf forms are used in rockwork. They are used
for cut flowers to a great extent.

These flowers will grow in almost any kind of soil;
in fact, they will succeed in the poorest clay soil.
They like a sunny location, although they will bloom
in partial shade. The plants should be divided often
as they grow and spread very rapidly. It must be frankly
admitted that they are apt to overrun a small garden.

They are easily grown from seed or by division of the


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