Aegopodium – Bishop’s Weed, Goat Weed, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

Aegopodium - Bishop's  Weed, Goat Weed, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

Aegopodium-Bishop’s Weed, Goat Weed

Wherever one goes, through many gardens and even in some woods this green and yellow variegated plant has spread its roots until it has almost come to be considered a troublesome weed by many people, although in its place it is of great value. The white flower is rather inconspicuous and does not show up well against the light colored leaves. Aegopodium Podagraria is a small creeping plant with white margined leaves.

UTILIZE. The Bishop’s Weed makes a beautiful border for a bed of shrubs or flowers, if it is not allowed to spread too freely. It grows to best advantage when used to cover waste ground or shady places where grass will not grow. It is well used in the narrow strips of soil between the foundation wall and a sidewalk.

GENERAL. It thrives in any kind of soil.

PROPAGATION. By seeds, and division.

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