Newsletter of the quarterly Bulletin of The Rock Garden Club Prague

Skalničky 1/2003- The Rock Garden Plants Newsletter of the quarterly Bulletin of The Rock Garden Club Prague Klub skalničkářů Praha, Maříkova 5, 162 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic /garden-themes/alpine-garden/rock-garden-club-of-prague/,;  Seed exchange: is finished. We thank to all donors. Remaining seeds were put in collections, which were distributed according to orders or will be sold during the Early Spring Show. We […]

How to plant troughs, Hypertufa, Tufa

Hypertufa is a cast “rock-like” material which can be used for relatively inexpensive bonsai pots and slabs for plantings. It looks like rock, can be cast into almost any shape, is very lightweight and also strong enough to withstand the freeze/thaw cycle of most northern climates. The American Rock Garden Society uses the following basic recipe to create alpine troughs. […]

Gardening with Shade Flowers

When acquiring plants for a shade garden, remember that plants grow slowly in the shade, so get large plants. Plants often grow differently in the shade and some experimentation with size and blooming times are in order. The following plants grow well in deep shade. While the common Bleeding Heart will take some shade, the Fern Leaf Bleeding Heart (Dicentra […]

Alpine & Rock Garden Society Page

  Listing of Alpine Plants and how to use:: Provided is a list of Alpine societies that can provide you a world of knowledge on Alpine plants. The membership fees are current for 1996. I am not responsible for any future prices unless told Alpine Garden Society Director of the AGS Centre Avon Bank Pershore Worcestershire WR10 3JP, UK Membership […]


Alpine Auricula The American Primrose Society (APS), founded in 1941 in the Portland, Oregon has grown to become an international organization with members in the United States, Canada and 21 other foreign countries. The society is dedicated to providing its members with information about the taxonomy, culture and hybridization of Primulas. Members of the primula genus are found all around the […]

Simple Water Pond Design

20 plants to use around this simple water garden design. 1. Myosotis scorpioides, forget-me-not 2. Astilbe Peach Blossom 3. Vinca minor-underplanting azaleas 4. Lobelia cardinalis, cardinal-flower 5. Hernerocallis Hyperion (day-lily) 6. Aruncus sylvester, goats-beard 7. Caladium, bicolor hybrids 8. Iris kaempferi, Japanese iris 9. Typha latifolia, cat-tail 10. Iris pseudacorus, yellow flag 11. Caltha palustris, marsh-marigold 12. Hosta plantaginea, fragrant […]

Water Garden Aquatic Fiberglass pool

Since the introduction of fiberglass pools tremendous interest has been shown in medium-sized garden pools. Siting the pool Before constructing any pool careful thought should be given to the siting. To create a successful bog garden or water garden, it must be situated right out in the open, in full sun. Although not essential it is advantageous to give protection […]

Trough Alpine Gardening

Listing of Alpine Plants and how to use::   THEME TROUGHS A great source of pleasure to me, is to design and plant out “Theme” troughs. There are many hundreds of theme ideas if you use your imagination.What about: Plants from your favourite country Troughs planted with your favourite colours Single genus troughs Troughs from an AGS/NARGS seedlist selection Plants […]

Shade Gardening Plants – Zone 2

  Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6 Zone 7 Zone 8 Zone 9 Zone 10 Zone 11 Images sourced by Monrovia. Find more shade plants by selecting Monrovia banner. Apple Blossom Caladium Caladium ‘Apple Blossom’ Item #30368 Brightens the shady garden Bombshell Caladium Caladium ‘Bombshell’ PP23817 Item #30370 Brightens the garden Bunchberry Cornus canadensis Item #2764 Year-round […]

Shade Gardening Plants – Zone 3

Shade plants for Zone 3 Gardening Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6 Zone 7 Zone 8 Zone 9 Zone 10 Zone 11 Images sourced by Monrovia. Find more shade plants by selecting Monrovia banner. New Plant Abiqua Drinking Gourd Plantain Lily Hosta (H. ‘Tokudama’ x H. sieboldiana) ‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd’ Item #3187 Unique Foliage Alakazaam Hosta […]