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Chelone – Shell
Flower, Turtle Head, Snake Head

The Chelone
is sometimes confused with the Bearded Tongue (Pentstemon),
to which it is closely related. It is a late Summer
plant, coming into bloom about the middle of August,
and lasting for six or seven weeks. The Shell Flower
(Chelone glabra) has clusters of flowers of a
light creamy white. The plants grow about 3 feet tall.
The Turtle Head (C. Lyonii) has rose-purple flowers
which grow from a mass of deep green leaves. The flowers
of Chelone are inflated and long, tube-shaped, somewhat
resembling the Snapdragon.

Because of their season of bloom and their rather attractive
colors, they make good plants for the border, or to
plant along streams. S. N. Baxter suggests the Shasta
Daisy as an effective foreground companion plant.

Chelones thrive best in moist or swampy places, in half
shade. They are easy of culture. At blooming time, they
should be fertilized or mulched deeply in order to conserve
the moisture.

They are propagated from seeds, cuttings or divisions
of the roots made in the Spring.

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