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Clematis – Shrubby
Virgin’s Bower

shall speak here not of the climbing Clematis, but of
the lower growing sorts useful for massing, all of which
form dense bushes 2 feet or 3 feet tall. Clematis
blooms nearly all Summer, has Hyacinth-like,
bell-shaped, pale blue or lavender blue flowers in small
clusters, which are very fragrant. C. heracleaefolia
is very similar but with paler flowers. C. recta
has creamy-white, fragrant flowers, opening in June
and July. All of the flower clusters are showy and are
followed by fluffy silken seed beads. The leaves stay
a bright dark green all Summer.

Many of the species are desirable for cutting. In the
garden they should be planted in masses or used as specimen
plants. C. recta is especially valued for large
masses of white flowers.

These plants are adapted to partial shade. They prefer
a loam soil and seem to like lime.

They are propagated by division of the plants or by


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