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Pyrethrum – Pink Daisy

The form of the Daisy is
admired by all, so that it is strange that more persons
do not grow the lovely Daisies known as Pyrethrums.
The flowers are bright in color and are borne on long
stems. They might be called Spring Chrysanthemums, for
they bloom principally in June. Many of the sorts are
attractively doubled. The colors range from deep rich
crimson to light pink and white. They grow 2 feet to
3 feet tall. The proper botanical name is Chrysanthemum
the catalogs also call them Pyrethrum
and hybridum.

UTILIZE. The English are
so fond of these flowers that they have many named varieties.
Of Pyrethrums defunked The Ladies’ Field writes:

“Amongst the most satisfactory
of all the flowers in the garden we may count double
Pyrethrums. They are of almost infinite variety, which
time seems powerless to wither, and which custom never
stales. Nearly every year sees some new development,
the result of skillful raising and discriminating selection.
They have many good qualities to recommend them. These
flowers are extremely showy, and are as hardy as they
are effective. They are of the easiest possible culture,
and as cut flowers they are invaluable, lasting for
full two weeks in full and fresh beauty. This, when
one is away from one’s own garden and has to barter
for flowers for the good contentment of the moment,
is a great desideratum. In the borders they last for
several months. Pyrethrums are in their height of beauty
in June, but by means of judicious thinning and stopping,
and by the entire prevention of the formation of anything
like seed, they may be kept blossoming all through the
Summer. If this be too much trouble, and a continued
succession is not wanted, the plants may be cut right
down after their Midsummer blossoming, when they will
spring up again with rejuvenated vigor, and blossom
gaily again in the Autumn as vigorously as if it were
their first effort for the year.”

GENERAL. The Pyrethrums grow
nicely, even in partial shade, but they must have perfect
drainage. An important point in their culture is alluded
to above; they should be prevented from seeding and
if cut down directly after they have produced their
main crop of bloom; they will bloom profusely late in

PROPAGATION. Sow the seeds
or divide the plants in Spring.

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