Yucca – Adam’s Needle and Thread, Spanish Bayonet, Perennials Guide to Planting Flowers

yucca adams needle and thread spanish bayonet perennials guide to planting flowers

Yucca – Adam’s Needle and Thread, Spanish Bayonet

The stiff, broad, sword-shaped leaves of Yucca ,filamenlosa are familiar to all. In Midsummer the flower stalks, rising to a height of 6 feet, are also familiar. The flowers are white and pendulous. It is a personal opinion of the writer that, except when in bloom, they are stiff, coarse and undeserving of a place in a small garden. It must be admitted, however, that they are remarkably drought-resistant and will thrive where trees rob the soil, so that more dainty plants cannot exist.

When used at all they are best planted as specimens or among shrubbery.

They will exist for a generation, and transplant with difficulty when the plants become old as the roots go deeply.

Seedlings will bloom when four to five years old. As the plants sucker freely, this furnishes a ready means of propagation.

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